Sunday, October 02, 2011

Yanking God Out of The Box--Again

So often people tell us to pack God into a pretty little box. Well, they don't use those words, exactly, but here's an example of what I mean.

Probably you've noticed it's not getting any easier to survive on this planet--it's just one thing after another, it seems. And well, the Bible said all this would happen so it's not like a shock, or anything.

But what I'm thinking today is how often we're told by other Christians (let's pick on them, shall we?) online and in books, etc., how, unless we own a farm (or at least a huge yard) and grow our own food and unless we're canning that food and keeping a 2-year-supply in a huge pantry along with enough emergency supplies/generators/water for a village--well-- we're doomed.

And ok, hey! It's terrific if you are talented/gifted and enabled by God to do things in that way. Really!

But what about the rest of us? You know, those of us who have tiny yards with lots of shade trees or the blackest of black thumbs? What about those on limited incomes where it's a rare, unusual day when they can afford to buy one case of tuna for their pantry? And what will happen to those who have only a small closet or cupboard to use as a pantry or as a place for their emergency supplies? What about those Christians who are doing the best they can, but just thinking of preparing for emergencies overwhelms them into a near-coma?

Well, here's the part where we need to take God out of that "do-it-this-one-way-or-else-you-will-die" box. God can provide for His people in a million different ways, Seriously! Think about it... if you don't have room for a garden (or you're cursed with that black thumb because God's got you caring for people in a whole different area), He can arrange for you to be blessed with Mrs. Gardener next door who just loves to give you her extra produce.

Or He can, in amazing ways, provide money for you to buy garden stuff from farmer's markets (thus providing help for farmers). Or God can put a love of shopping sales and/or using coupons so that you're practically getting stuff for free at the local supermarket.

If you have a small yard, He can make sure you find ways to still grow lots of food if that's what you desire. If your house is tiny, He can use people online (or anywhere) to show you ways in which to still stock-up like crazy.

When times get really tough (now or later down the road) He can ask people to leave groceries on your doorstep, especially if you're housebound (or even not). Or ask them to mail you a check or pick you up for a free shopping trip. Folks who are majorly into bartering can cross your path and you can trade your abilities or goods for theirs.

If God so chooses, He can make it rain pieces of bread in your backyard. Hey, He's done it before.

Well, I'm not going to try naming the million other ways God can provide, but I think you get the idea. There are reasons He gives us different, unique gifts and callings--it's so that we can better care for all the myriad people in our lives, people with different, unique stories and situations. In Real Life, there is no one size fits all. There is no one right place for all of us to live, all of us doing just one same thing, one same way.

Uh, no. God has always been way bigger than that, way, way more creative, too. And what remains is for each of us to do things as He asks us, personally, in the way He asks us to do them. And that we allow others that same freedom.


"And my God will supply all your needs according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus."  ... Phillippians 4:19


Oh! Found an even better place to watch I Love Lucy online. It's here. Occasionally an episode will pause a lot, so I just choose a different one.

And in this post I was speaking of God providing necessities, but websites such as this I Love Lucy one is a way in which He has provided for a simple desire of mine. He knows I can't afford to buy I Love Lucy dvd's (I did buy season 2 before Tom lost his job), so He helped me discover these latest websites, instead, so I can watch for free. He is sweet that way.



Lori Alexander said...

Wonderful! I have a very bad neck and could never garden. God promises us that He is our provider and the Psalms assure us that the righteous will never need to beg for comforting.

Judy said...

So very very true! Thanks for saying it.

Anonymous said...

We do need to remember WHO owns all, don't we? And HIS resources are available to us in ever so many ways!! Nice post, Debra!

Morning's Minion said...

I've been reading your blog for several months. I have to say that I find spiritual encouragement from the way you are dealing with the everyday stuff--it is then and there that we have such need of grace!

Anonymous said...

Well said. Very well said. I tend to be a worrier and a loner. Phillippians has had so many verses that calm my heart. You always leave me with things to ponder. ..and many times it has changed my perception of my life and brought me closer to God. He does provide for me as for you different experiences that make different verses of His word just jump out at us. Ones that leave us coming back to them throughout the day and ones we need to keep as shields or shelters in our hearts. Thank you again Debra. Sarah