Thursday, October 27, 2011


So here's our corner, Tom's and mine. We live right behind that hedge at the left. Of course, the trees are everything in this picture and pretty much in Real Life, too. Heaven help us if they're ever chopped down (on the next street over, they were cut down to widen the street, the one I take to the supermarket. Doesn't look dreadful, just more modern and streamlined, two of my least-favorite words.).

And here's what you see one block in the opposite direction (hmm... that wasn't a tour bus after all nor was it yellow. Ah, my faulty powers of observation again. See my last post if you're wondering what I'm talking about.)  And yes, that's a big blue bridge out there over the water, but since I like to remain rather anonymous here, I'll not tell you its name. :)

Beside the high rise motel there's this old house which I like to stare at (along with the water) while I'm stopped at the light. I enjoy dreaming about living there, but only for a moment, for I'm perfectly content at Hobbit Cottage, thank-you very much.

Okay, now lest you think I'm living in a low-scale lap of luxury, here's a picture for you of one of the average, scarier parts of the street behind us, though the sun makes it appear more cheerful. Honest, we now live in the midst of the cheap and the run-down, with only pockets of nicely-kept homes.

These, for example, are sweet and lovely and they're just across from the homes, above. And that's what you find lots of here--pockets of homes which need not decorate for Halloween because they're tilting and peeling and sad-appearing already, right next to other pockets of dearly-loved homes all bright and tailored.

But I've found to really know what's inside a pocket, you must take the time to pause and look around inside it. Oh, how easy to stroll quickly past these sad places out of fear and make assumptions! No, God is teaching me that in each scary house around here lives people who He loves very much and may I always remember that and knock-off the judging from the outside. And love everyone also, sight unseen, because they're loved already by Him who I love most.


A little example... last night around 9:45 I was awakened by a domestic disturbance (it appeared to be) down below me outside at the opposite corner of our street. I peeked down from behind my curtain, the voices cooled a bit, then I wandered downstairs where Tom said even patrol cars were there earlier, but the officers had oddly done nothing while one loud person tossed plastic bags out of a pick-up bed and left them on the corner. Hmm.

I climbed sleepily back upstairs and prayed for all involved, even remembering some of Tom's and my own heavy-duty arguments and though usually they happened inside our houses (or cars), that's not a whole lot nicer (as in, it doesn't make us better than those people outside last night).

Anyway, this morning the bags were gone and all that was left was an ugly tv cabinet. Tom said later the couple appeared to make-up and he smiled and said they probably told each other, "And let's just leave that tv cabinet since it's too disgusting to take back home, anyway."

Oh, and nothing else like that has happened here since our move 8 weeks ago, so please don't picture it happening nightly. And too, I've chosen to view this whole Hobbit Cottage In The Big City experience as an opportunity for ministry and helping rather than fearing and hiding.


Oh, and NancyR left a comment this morning to an earlier post asking what we did with all the stuff in our barn loft. Truthfully? We left it all there, all but the old chandelier we'd found on the curb. That we sold at our moving sale. We'd already explained to the new owners that we'd be leaving some barn items and they were fine with it, even a little excited to see what they'd be. :)



Sara said...

Ahhh, I (what a shock) understand what you're sharing. I live in an old neighborhood and I often notice signs that we are on the line between vintage charm and subtle neglect. I blame the new house push that started about 20 years ago, no one wanted sweet little bungalows anymore. Yet, there are jewels and sad houses living side by side. I've decided that mine will be a jewel and I am going to pray that the peace of God will settle on our neighbors giving them joy in their little old bungalows and we'll all love our houses as best we can.

Debra said...

Oh my buddy, Sara-- ahhh (what a shock) that's exactly what I'm praying, too, here in Hobbit Land! :) Nice that you, too, understand, but then, you always do. Thanks for stopping by... Debra