Friday, October 28, 2011

Ready For Another Walk (and Something Free)?

Do you remember when I lived in the 'burbs before and I'd show you photos like the one, above? My favorite street of houses like these was the one right beside ours and you know? Walking over to that street almost daily was probably the only thing I missed when we moved away. I so enjoyed strolling amongst those houses early mornings, getting my retro fix, then skipping back home and feeling like Mrs. Suzy Homemaker 1920 for the day's remainder.

Well, guess what? That photo was taken today just three streets away! I feel so very blessed to again, after our three farm years, be within walking distance of such nostalgia.

In fact, to you, my Readers, this street shall be known as Nostalgia Lane.

That old retro feeling in which I'd easily imagine women in aprons and head scarves stepping out doors to shake rugs and porch sit, is now just three streets away and mine for the dreaming.

And these next photos were taken only two streets from Hobbit Cottage. (Oh, the crisp, energizing air of autumn! And I love the almost Monet appearance of that tree.)

Just thought I'd share more of my new world with you. Delights are better when shared, as are Life and God. And candy, too. :)

And truthfully? Sometimes I think we feel a cranky, aimless discomfort within our skin simply because we're not sharing enough of what we've been given. Hits me that way, anyhow.


(Always, I'm in Leave It To Beaver Land when I see garages like this one.)


Would you like one of those old-fashioned booklet-type cookbooks for free? I received this one today in the mail and am delighted with it. Lots of recipes for autumnal type dishes, each with raisins as one of the ingredients. Sign-up for your free copy here.


Want one more? Another lovely autumnal cookbook booklet arrived today, also. This one has recipes using pumpkin, sweet potatoes and butternut squash. Sign-up for it free here. (Just ask for the free cookbook in the comment box after leaving your address.)

Both cookbooks contain delightful artwork. Just thought I'd mention them to you.



Patty H. said...

I love neighborhoods like this! Thanks for the link for the free booklet.

Sara said...

Good grief, I think you may be living in my neighborhood!

Debra said...

Patty--glad you liked the neighborhood and the cookbooks! :)(I'm glad you're still reading here--I'd missed your comments, Patty!)

Sara--ah, don't tease me like that.:) What a fun, delightful thing that would be to just walk around the corner to your house!

Thanks, Ladies... Debra

Elizabeth said...

I see why you love your neighborhood! We have been in our new home 2 days and loving it. Visit my blog for pics! I will add more soon!