Monday, October 17, 2011

The Good and Bad of Lately

Gah. I had to bail out of my dearly loved Facebook. Something hacked my profile there and was giving me and my friends a royal headache.


Please don't share horror stories about Facebook in my comment box, ok? To me it was an encourager's dream come true. I'll miss it. Now I'll have to rely upon hearing from God more so to know when and how others need to be encouraged, but of course, anytime we need to rely upon God more, it's a good thing.

Perhaps someday later I'll join back up, but for awhile, I want to see how I deal with being Facebook-less. Can I handle it? Tune in next week. heh.

I first noticed the problem at Facebook this past Saturday and was upset and considered staying home and trying it fix it rather than watching Contagion with Tom. But then I realized a trip to the theater would be refreshing and Contagion would put all of this into perspective and oh my goodness--it certainly did! :) Having a Facebook problem in no way compares to millions of people losing their lives through sickness.

Oh well... Life goes on. We heard that those of us in the Great Lakes Region are due for the worst winter in, like, a kazillion years so that certainly gives Tom and I incentive to continue winterizing around Hobbit Cottage. On Friday the last four 80-year-old windows in this house (not counting the basement ones) were replaced and oh! How wonderful to just sliiiiiiide a window open with a finger rather than push and shake and yank it open. These new windows are dreamy.

My winter grocery stock-up continues and my oh my that downstairs 1920's kitchen has certainly come in handy for that. Sometimes I step down to the basement just to peek at those extra groceries and I call them Good.

Of course, I could just sit here and dread the coming winter, but I'm choosing not to. You realize we do have those choices, right?

Our heater and I are coming to terms, too. At times we've been bitter enemies! (Darn those complicated programmable thermostats anyway.) But finally we're both figuring each other out and calling a truce. Finally.

But a glass pie plate did shatter (crash!crash!) everywhere from our stove top yesterday because I'd turned on the wrong burner (again). %^$#( . Whenever we move, it seems the ability to use the correct burner without thinking takes forever. I'd just finally come to that point in the farmhouse.

Oh well! These things take time. And patience. And in the meantime Life is still wonderful, especially as I keep my mind disciplined to concentrate on what is good and lovely instead of what's oh-so-annoying.



Sara said...

So happy you and Hobbit Cottage are so happily settling in together. Is there anything more simply lovely than a simply lovely home? Well, you know what I mean! I got a FB friend request from you this morning (the Debra-only pic), is this you? If not, we shall continue our over the cyber fence friendship!

Debra said...

Sara--unfortunately if you received an FB request from me this morning, it wasn't from the real me. I unsubbed early this morning so please delete any other requests or report them, too.

And yes! There are other ways to communicate here online, thank-goodness. So glad I met you here! Blessings., Debra

Anonymous said...

Debra, I like the idea of stocking up for winter, even though we live in the south. Nice to be prepared. You really have a reason to stock up, with your cold, snowy, winters. Stocking up on books is another idea, lol, but I know you have that covered. Loved seeing your library in a previous post-great building. Wishing you a wonderful day! Joyce

Debra said...

Hi Joyce! Yes, we do love our new library--I took Tom there the next day. He kept whispering, "Oh, such nice wood. Look at all this nice wood." Heh. Oh, and we even saw the old jail cells while looking into the windows near the back entryway. Fun! At least the people in the cells had some large windows to look through (I may blog about all this later.)

Thanks for commenting today and you're right--winter is my favorite time for rereading my own home library! Blessings, Debra

Tracy said...

I had a request from you this morning too! Off to unfriend the fake you! :)

Mrs. Mac said...

Humm .. now I will question any new FB friend requests.

How nice that you have mentally chosen to be positive about the coming winter. It will be so much better for you living so close to a grocery store and close to town.

The new windows should improve Hobbit Cottage and add a little sparkle.

Have a blessed week.

Judy said...

I was going to say that I'll miss you on Facebook. But why? You are here!
Not too thrilled about a bad winter either, but it too will pass.

Anonymous said...

Well, your bad winter may be as bad as our bad hurricane seaon this year. Yes, it did cause a great deal of damage, but not like was predicted. Never hurts to prepare for the worst and hope for the best however!

I think your choice on FB was wise. Apparently what hubby was told "by the powers that be" at work was true. Once you get settled in better in your little town there, you might be too busy anyway!!

Dreaming about hopefully just as nice a spot to settle within this year, as you and Tom have found.
Elizabeth in NC

Debra said...

Tracy--sorry about all the hassle at FB. If I seem to show back up there, just ignore me or report me because it's not me. :)

Mrs. Mac--yes, I'll really love having the supermarket close this winter--even wrote about that place today so thanks for the reminder!

Judy--yes, we'll always have Blogland. heh. (And thanks for the reminder that winter will pass away.)

Elizabeth--yes! I hope you will find just as special a place as we have, though I must be honest when I say sometimes its 'specialness' comes from my happy thoughts and attitude about it. If I was pessimistic I'd probably be listing what's wrong with this area. But I won't, because I'm not. :)

Thanks, Everyone! ... Debra

Anonymous said...

Heh...well, Debra, we are not in the Kingdom...we cannot expect perfection. It would be nice to be in a very quiet, restful location however...that in itself, is HELPFUL!! We are mostly quiet here, but there have been years we almost went insane, mostly dog issues...and I love dogs!! But not listening to neglected ones!!
Elizabeth in NC