Monday, October 24, 2011

Quite This and That

See the little bird couple? Yesterday I painted the green square around them because I think just about everything looks better with a background of color. (So why will my livingroom walls most likely remain white? Because I'm not the young, zippy painter I once was. Alas. But I do plan to paint that archway a lighter green someday.) So anyway, I love that green square and would like to perhaps stencil a curvy something above it. We'll see.

Last week I finally got these non-skid strips attached to our stairs. Didn't want to mess-up their old-fashioned look, yet didn't want to slip, either. I'd slipped a couple times (just from the second step to the first, not a big deal) so I'd taken to coming down the stairs like an old lady, all slow and touching each stair with both feet before continuing (BOR-ing). But now? Now I come down them all speedy like a pro. Nice.

Oh, and on Saturday Tom and I went to the old-fashioned theater and saw two movies(!) To get him there, I said, "How about if we go see Planet of the Apes today?" I knew he'd be all for that. He was. But then after that film (which was better than I'd imagined, though still quite silly), I talked him into staying for another viewing (for me) of Midnight in Paris. Happy sigh. I enjoyed it just as much as the first time (oh Paris!) and Tom liked it, too. (I didn't ask which movie he enjoyed more, though--he might not have given the correct answer.).

But we both returned home smiling for the rest of the night, thanking one another for making our outing so much fun.

During our three years on the farm we came into town just twice for movies, once at this favorite cheapo-old-timey theater and once at the flashy-big-deal-expensive one. So I guess we've been making-up for all the movie outings we missed! Though of course, this is one of those odd, rare times when we've actually had a choice of good, decent movies to go see. Years past we've been in moods to go see something for weeks and weeks and weeks, but have been frustrated that nothing worth viewing ever did show up.

But here in our new life we've actually had too many choices and how delightful is that, especially now, before Tom and I go into hibernation when the snow flies and movie dates become just pleasant memories.

And lastly, tomorrow our two new storm doors will arrive (the third house in Western New York to receive storm doors from us) and on Wednesday our glass block windows for the basement will be installed, too (same goes for this being the third basement, ditto, ditto.).

So soon Hobbit Cottage will be quite the snug little place and I'm happy that we can do this for her. I didn't tell you yet, but our neighbors said this house had been vacant for five years--oh my! How sad for her. From what we were also told by our real estate attorney we've pieced together this story: a couple lived here many years until both passed away, then their children sold the house to people who could not pay for it and it went into foreclosure and just sat here, lonely, for all those years.

But now Hobbit Cottage has another couple within her walls again and oh my, am I ever happy to be part of that couple!



Anonymous said...

Good idea on those stairs!! Falls hurt more as we age!! (Can you tell I have fallen??)

Are kitties still on the plans, for adding to your home there? Just wondering...

Elizabeth in NC

Debra said...

Hi Elizabeth--yes, someday we will get two cats. We just don't feel ready yet and would like to finish some other projects first. We do love cats, but it's been much easier not having any during all this moving and transitional stuff. Thanks for asking, Debra

Mrs. Mac said...

.. 'in our new life' ... dot, dot, dot .. love that idea and phrase :)

You should write a book about Hobbit Cottage .. it would be a classic (I'm serious:)

Good idea about the non-slip edge to the stairs .. I'd have done that too!

May you both have a few more snow free weeks.

Anonymous said...

Interesting take on the movie as Carla Bruni Sarkozy was the museum guide. As the first lady of France, she gave birth to a child on Oct. 19th 2011, day before my own birthday in 1936.


Anonymous said...

Debra, so happy you mentioned Midnight in Paris, again. I love that movie. Wilma, I read about France's first lady being the tour guide, but only after seeing the movie.

So glad you and Tom are enjoying your new home. You sound so much happier. Joyce

K.E. said...

The pink coral background is gone. On purpose? Who knows? Maybe it was MY Google Reader (connected to the capricious Blogger).
My old eyes thank you! :)
(I enjoyed Midnight in Paris too)