Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Lesson Learned (Or: Keeping It Simple From Here on Out)

This early morning I decided to drive to WalMart (forgive me, those of you who hate that place) just to check-out their prices since I'd not shopped there in three years. You know, just to stock-up on a couple things since I'm in the middle of my Annual Grocery Stock-Up So We're Not Braving a Snowstorm Just For a Can of Olives. Just a simple trip, you understand.

Oh dear. I'd forgotten there is no such thing as a simple trip to WalMart.

Ever since moving to Western New York 18 years ago I've had to contend with an Overload Tendency when shopping these stores back here. If they're not huge in building size, they're huge merchandise-wise. Oh, the amount of stuff you can cram upon shelves when you're determined! I even, all those years ago, stepped outside of two stores within two minutes because of sensory overload inside my brain. Thought I was gonna hyperventilate or something.

All these years later? I can handle those shops much, much longer than 2 minutes. I'm all the way up to around a half-hour. That's how long it took at WalMart this morning for the tick-tick-tick of the clock inside my head to begin, as well as the whispers, you know, "Better hurry, you're running out of time! Stay much longer and you'll lose it right in front of everybody" whispers.

Gah. So I zoomed around with my cart just grabbing things, pulled two coupons from my purse, then raced up to the check-out and got the heck out of Dodge. What a relief.

Okay, so most of WalMart's prices were lower than those at my nearby sane supermarket. But as long as I keep shopping the sales while using my coupons there, too, I'm spending the same (or even lower) than I would if I could handle WalMart overload.

And let's face it--no amount of money saved is worth losing my sanity.  :)


You should've seen me when I stepped through our backdoor. I described my adventure to Tom, kept repeating, "I'm so glad to be home, I'm so glad to be home," and found myself tempted to kiss the kitchen floor.


Anyone else been there, done that?


"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."  ... Phil. 4:13  (Well, only "all things" which were His idea for me to do in the first place...)



Elizabeth said...

Yes Debra, I have done that too!
a new super walmart is only a mile from me,I prefer to drive 20 miles to the smaller stores to shop.

Anonymous said...

I also find Walmart not a comfortable place to shop. My local friends say it is also not the safest place to shop...one early evening we were warned by the greeter that purse snatchers had been at work so to be careful. So we try to go during daylight hours, on the ocassions we go. We do get a few things there because we cannot find them elsewhere. I have hesitations to shop there because of other business practices they have however, such as how they treat their workers. And it seems to be a "gathering place" for certain segments of the population here, who do not even have common manners, such as moving to let others get past in the aisles.

You are correct about being able to do ok, by sales and coupons elsewhere too. We also buy a few items each year, by the case, over Amazon...tis cheaper, no gas nor time spent otherwise too!!
Elizabeth in NC

Judy said...

Not a Walmart fan either. Last weekend was the second of our twice yearly Walmart excursions.

Your 'voice' seems so much happier Debra. So glad you are at home in your beautiful new place.

Anonymous said...

I really don't like Walmart period.


Echoes From the Hill said...

If you shop early in the morning, there will be clerks standing at the end of the check out area, waiting for customers. DON'T ever go on a weekend!
The best thing about Wal-Mart is price matching. You can get lower prices on some things, and price match anything any other store advertises.

Morning's Minion said...

I don't like Wal Mart--but it does offer the 'one-stop' sort of convenience. Our local WM in KY is not as well stocked with grocery items as the one I visited in WY about once per month.
I'm not a person who likes to shop--unless its browsing a second hand book store or flea market, so 30 minutes in WM is an absolute limit, and that includes the annoying time spent in the checkout line. Like you, I just want to get out of there. Give me Tractor Supply any day!

Anonymous said...

I thought I was the only one who felt like this.!! We are very close to a WM but we seldom shop at any stores...but WM even less. Tooooo Much!!! Sarah