Friday, October 07, 2011

Some of My Books

Sometimes I just sit in the center of my new little home library and feel cozy, downright good amongst my books which survived the last cut. Oh, I may have given away five boxes of books, but at least these I still own are dear favorites (give or take a handful which I'd not finished reading so I couldn't yet make an accurate decision).

So since many of you also enjoy viewing the titles of books upon peoples' shelves, here's a peek for you of some of my most treasured books, dearest old friends who always survive each huge purging every few years, with a few new friends tucked in here and there. (Click to enlarge. Then click once more to super enlarge.)


Another glorious sunny autumn day here. Life around Hobbit Cottage is awfully good lately.


If you'd like, please let me know which of these books you also own and love!



Mrs. Mac said...

Books can be a treasure trove! You must feel all warm and cozy tucked away in your little library. I thought you might enjoy taking a peek at a place not far from us .. in Montana .. called the Hobbit House. Next year I want to visit this place.

You have a wonderful weekend.

Kristi in the Western Reserve said...

Oh, Debra, I feel as if you are indulging me here since I think I remarked a while ago that I couldn't read all the titles! I did however buy a copy of Spice Box because I saw it on your shelves and had never read it. I really love it! Not as much for the romance which has a LOT of coincidences but for the wonderful story of the woman called Spice Box. Very satisfying to see that transformation!

You first told me about the Ralph Moody books which I enjoy so much, especially Mary Emma & Company and I told you about Della Thompson Lutes and I see Cousin William on your shelves. Have you ever read any other books of hers? Country Kitchen and Home Grown are so excellent.

Dolores Lynn said...

Debra, Thanks for the peek at your books. I love looking at others shelves. We have several of the same books and I see Little Heathens made the move with you. I loved the books by the Angiers and the Gladys Taber books. Also, that little room is adorable.

Donetta said...

that was really very interesting. Wish I too could come sit with you over a pot of tea and peruse