Thursday, October 20, 2011

Good Happens

In seven years of writing in this blog I've tried to convince you of all sorts of things. But besides the fact that we all need Jesus, this is the other major thought I'd like you to carry away:

It's up to us to make our lives wonderful. It's up to us to believe for remarkable days.

So well, you can consider that while I share this:

Probably the silliest photo and concept you've ever seen shared in a blog is this:

I am hopelessly in love with this bathroom tissue holder.

No, really. At the old farmhouse, just to remove an empty roll you had to push a button which would then make the permanent roll shoot across the room. Then you had to pick it up, figure out which end went in which way (it mattered), add the new tissue, then struggle for at least five minutes to fit it back into the holder, picking it up whenever it, again, fell down (usually in the trash can. Ew.).

Gah, I hated that thing.

But here at our adored Hobbit Cottage you just poof! Slip off the old empty roll and poof! Slip on the new one.

What luxury. What ease. What a full-blown blessing.

Moving on...

So for a few weeks my computer rested upon a chair and I sat on a tiny bench in front of it. Good gracious, got so I could barely walk when getting up from the bench. Well, there came a day I had to admit I'm no longer 16-years-old and can no longer sit in any ol' position. So here's my new set-up:

Again, oh the ease, oh the luxury.

Yet I am able to still handle sitting on the floor for awhile, so here's where I read and think and even pay our bills:

I use the little bench as a table to write upon and the extra bed to hold the books I'm currently reading, plus a writing tablet, some lists, etc.

Some 'experts' say you should not combine office duties in your bedroom because your head will think it's supposed to be working when actually it's time for bed. But alas, this hasn't bothered me--I sleep blissfully here at Hobbit Cottage. Oh, and I do shut-off the computer at night, lest that concerns you electronic-wise. Concerned me, also.

Much of my whole world is upstairs here: my little tv and dvd player, our ironing board and iron, my library of deeply-appreciated books, my clothes, a wicker chair, drawers for office supplies, my stereo, cds, art supplies and a full-length mirror (something I'd not had in our house for whole decades, but figured I should have now so it would inspire me not to let myself go. Alas.).

I came here expecting life to be better and oh my, God certainly hasn't let me down. I've shared various examples with you, but here's another, though it begins with a negative. See, that Facebook thing was being a bother again, so after I drove down to Naomi's apartment to feed her cats (she was out of town for a few days visiting friends in Nashville), I thought, "I'll drop by 7-11 for a doughnut to help me work through this Facebook fiasco some more when I get home."

So I pulled into the 7-11 around three blocks from our house, stepped inside and the woman working there greeted me kindly as though she was glad to see me, as though I was a regular customer.

I'd never been there before in my life.

I bought two doughnuts (one for Tom), and she and I chatted friendly-style at the check-out. Then as I neared the door, a man with a very long grey beard already held it open for me so I thanked him as I always do when people hold doors for me which happens a lot here in Western New York. He cheerfully responded, "You're welcome."

Then I drove home beneath trees overhanging the streets, leaves fluttering down, came into the house and told Tom, "People are just sooooo nice here!" To which he replied, "Yes, they certainly are."

So please, if you've not gotten into the habit already, pul-ease start expecting good things to happen to you instead of bad, ok? Have faith for wonderful events rather than sad ones. Keep it up and keep it up and Life just may begin appearing differently than it ever did before.

I don't put-off joy until Heaven and I hope you don't, either.


Psalm 5:3

In the morning, Lord, you hear my voice; in the morning I lay my requests before you and wait expectantly.



Anonymous said...

Toilet tissue holders are indeed one of those things that helps life be less stressful, if they work easily and correctly!! Funny how small things make a difference. We even have installed 2 in our private bath, side by side...of very different textures and strengths...funny thing is, NOW he likes mine need not have installed 2...oh well...

This last week is the Feast of Sukkot (ending today) so it is supposed to be joyful...and we have concentrated on making it joyful for us!! Eating some of our favorite foods, working on projects, but taking time to watch some videos, to talk and laugh more, and have tried to manage life with as less stress as possible (including NOT attending a get-together because those people are usually stressful in one way or another). And we have enjoyed it!!

I think it wonderful that you are in a place where people have good manners and are pleasant. Shopping in our locality has been much the same. We have lived in another 1960ish town prior to moving here and it was that way too. How much easier it is on us to live thus. Finding such places to live is indeed a gift!! (We lived some years back in a town the exact opposite and while we tried to make a difference, for almost 15 years, but we did not change anything I do not retrospect we should have moved within the first year or 2 and learn.)

Elizabeth in NC

Pearl said...

Very cozy and beautiful Debra, I always wanted a sweet attic like this, thats why I love old houses they have so many unique spots and challanging some times but I'd be up to it. Hugs, Pearl

Kristi in the Western Reserve said...

We had tpholders like the ones at your farm for a quarter of a century and still have one like this upstairs. But when we redid the downstairs bathroom a few years ago, the new holder was a revelation of simplicity. Designing things well is truly an art to appreciate.

K.E. said...

Oh Debra. I love! the coraly pink background color of your blog with the grey font color. Except it is hard for these old(er) eyes to read.

Mrs. Mac said...

Hum .. you sound positively chipper :)