Thursday, July 17, 2008

Tuesday and Wednesday are, well, mostly blurs. I was so tired! Sleepy, actually, and I kept snatching naps and falling asleep at 7:15 p.m... and not getting much accomplished. In fact, last night after Tom left for work I did the laundry, but rather than take it upstairs to hang on our dryer rack, I wearily dumped the wet stuff in my wicker basket, hauled it up to the kitchen table--then let it sit there. All night. I didn't care.

For those two days I felt like I usually do upon the departure of guests who've stayed seven or more days. As though a train hit me. Yes, I was that T-I-R-E-D.

And at first, equally frustrated. I mean, how about my eternal To Do List? What about painting and wallpapering the whole rest of the house? What about the huge weed patch at the end of my garden which must be suffocated with tarps and cardboard and dirt and stuff?

On Tuesday I kept complaining to myself and God and Tom about my tiredness. But by Wednesday I began to get a clue. Not only was my body crying, "For Pete's Sake! You've been working harder than you have in years. Lay down!" But the Holy Spirit was saying the same thing.

In fact, yesterday I watched a couple minutes of Oprah and what did her female doctor guest say during those two minutes? She said, "Sometimes you just need to sleep 12 or even 15 hours. Sometimes that's exactly what your body needs, especially after a time of busyness or a big project."

I love confirmation, especially when it's so in your face obvious like that.

I try always to stay open to confirmation--and it's everywhere. Yet, it's up to me to stay aware--and awake--to it when it crosses my path. It's up to me to always be listening.

And today? Today I feel marvelous. I even walked the mile-and-a-quarter to the town library in the muggy heat, stopping on the way home at the Malt Shoppe with it's 50's and 60's music and a BLT and a coke.

I needed that. To get out and away from this place, even though it's pretty dreamy here. But just as much, I needed those two days of rest. They were ordained by God and woe unto me if I fight against days like those and condemn myself for being lazy, when in reality, it was obedience. What matters is that I follow Grace--even if it means following her to the couch for a long afternoon nap.


"Anna" said...

I SO miss the Malt Shoppe... sigh. Please tell them the next time you are in that we have not forgotten about them.

Glad you took time to rest. I can't believe how much you have gotten done in only a few weeks. I saw Oprah yesterday too, and everyone was so amazed that someone (Dr. Northrup) actually would admit to sleeping up to 15 hours at a time when she needs it (she called it a "beauty treatment" which was great!). It's just not something most people would want to admit to in this busy-busy world, as our society worships those who work the most and relax the least. But even Jesus needed rest sometimes, away from His work and its demands. So much more do we.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes the Lord works in all kinds of ways.

i've recently stepped back from ministry in church that i've done for seven years. i'm tired..worn out and a bit broken. i need rest. TOday on the way to work, i heard a sermon by Chuck Swindoll that reconfirmed that it's ok to rest. And then i read your blog and it's as if the Lord was saying, again, 'it's OK to take a break and just rejunvenate'

Thank you for sharing - as always, it's amazing how and what God uses to get our attention and help us to really trust His voice.

And i love the whole 12 hour sleeping thing...that's happened to me from time to time when i jsut cannot wake it's good to know that it's a normal thing.


Kristi in the Western Reserve said...

Dear Debra,
I'm just back from a week away from home and computers and amazed by how much you had posted and done while I was "away".....Do, do, rest! Not only are you doing all this unaccustomed work, but EVERYTHING you are seeing and thinking about is NEW. This is tiring. Your mind/brain needs down time to process it, even when so much needs to me taken care of. You need to be taken care of too, or you won't be able to do what you want to do. So rest in the peace that passeth understanding, breath deeply, connect to the present moment and count your amazing blessings!

Hummingbird Chats said...

Please go over to my blog, I have something special for you there.
~~smiles~~ Katie

Paris Cowgirl said...

Hi Debra, I have lurked on your blog for some time now and I love it! I just found another blog that I don't think is on the Mary Janes Farm list and I think you will love it. Lot's of gardening tips.

Hope you like it!