Sunday, July 13, 2008

The past three days I've done something for the first time in all my 49 years. See that opened door at the top of the barn? Well, I've been pitching hay from there. Can you imagine? Right on down to my wheelbarrow (one of the niftiest inventions ever, by the way).

I'm using the hay for this:
If , two years ago, you would have said, "Debra, soon you will be pitching hay from a barn loft," well, I would have (unfortunately) laughed at you. The lesson? Never assume your life will always be the way it is now. God is very into variety, creativity, movement, flow, change, growth and living.

So never say never.... For you never know. :)

We've owned this house for six weeks yet not until yesterday did I step into Bunny Meadow (so named for the Bunny family frolicking out there.)
I don't blame them--what a peaceful place! The grass is sweeter out here and grows more slowly and the cutest, tiny fuchsia wild flowers grow here, along with white and yellow flowers, too (I tried not to mow them all down). I'm tempted to put our someday-screened-gazebo out here instead of in the back meadow. Hmm... We'll see.

Remember how I wanted more bird feeders? Well, I think we have enough now.
This one was here at the house already.

Our realtor gave us this yellow finch bird feeder as a housewarming gift.
A woman at a yard sale gave this to us for free this week.
This was $1 at a yard sale.

Plus, there are the three I made from candle holders which I already showed you. That's enough. I love it when Tom and I can stop searching for certain items for this new life, cross them off our list and move on...

Knowing when enough is enough is important because we are only given Grace to care for the things God means for us to have. Well, that's what I've found, anyway.

Everyone tells us our hydrangea bush will be gorgeous when it's in full-bloom.
The flowers are deeper purple in real-life.

And remember the 'so far' photo of our front porch? Well, it's changed again. I'd been wanting to make it a sleeping porch, so I did.

We bought a bed and I painted it yesterday morning, then rearranged this room. Usually you don't need a lot of money to go after what you want--you just need a lot of imagination.

My mom will be staying with us for the month of October so now we have a place for her to stay -- or for me to stay if she would prefer our bedroom (Tom can have the recliner which he likes to sleep in, anyway, and we have those pocket doors to make the living room private). But whatever, I do not want my mom climbing up and down those steps I showed you to the guest room I'll be making up there. That guestroom will be for our spry-er, er, less-vintage guests.

This whole 'free bed-and-breakfast' thing keeps returning to me. I tell our city friends, "If you ever need a place to get away from it all, please come out here and stay. Anytime." It's important to me to provide a resting place for the weary. I remember how many years I longed for such a place... a place, especially to experience morning in the country.

And now I know for certain, from experience--there is nothing in all of Life and this world like an early country morning...

..and I want to share that with everyone.


nancyr said...

A sleeping porch is a great idea!
Some "thrifted" curtains, would afford privacy and cut down on the sun's glare too.
When I was a child, my brother and I would spend a couple weeks, each summer, with my grandparents who lived in the country. They had a wonderful sleeping porch, and on rare occasions, we were allowed to sleep on the day bed out there. It was heavenly!

jodi said...

I can just smell the barn. One of my favorite memories from my grandparents place. I now visit barns for estate sales and just stand in them and breathe deeply.

daisymarie said...

Pitching hay: I love it!!!
Now that's a wonderful concept. Nelson and I discussed this kind of concept, but never had a place to make it happen. You have been blessed to be a blessing!

Judy said...

While reading this lovely post, I'm listening to the sounds of MY neighborhood in the morning.

The squeal of bus brakes, the roar of semi-trucks, our neighbors garage door which makes the same sound as when I accidentally step on my cat's tail...

But, as I keep telling's still country...someone just built a city on it.

(oh. and now the nextdoor lawn service just pulled up...)

Thank you for sharing your NEW life! I think I am enjoying it as much as you are, but without the aches and pains of actually having to DO it!

Betsy Mc said...

For years I gathered teacups and saucers- - -mostly free, some with small chips or cracks but I loved the pretty colors. When I built my garden 7 years ago, I superglued to cups to the saucers and set out my "tea party" on flat rocks, a tree stump and even inside an open fronted bird house mounted on a fence- - -I put seed for our birds there and love to watch the garden party!

I love your ideas and am thoroughly enjoying your farm! My heart is with you on your journey.
Betsy Mc

Saija said...

you absolutely bubble and glow in your posts! makes me smile ... cause i was there for the rental year and then the condo first year ... i'm looking for a new adventure now ... but God has me on hold for a bit ... so it's great to read your journal! i'm smiling along with you ... and praising our Heavenly Father who knows our needs and how to make use of our strengths (and weaknesses too!) ...

Nan said...

So, I take it there are no BEARS around there? :<) We can't have feeders up in the summer because they will come out of the woods for the food. I love the sleeping porch so much. I'll bet mornings there are spectacular.

La_Senora said...

what a beautiful peaceful porch!
great pictures!

sheila said...

We're on hold for seriously being a place that sounds sort of like what you & Mr Tom have found :) but instead of being incredibly jealous, I'm so happy for you :)