Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Still here down on the farm!

You can tell when Tom takes time off from his job. How? By my absence from this blog. The guy is so distracting and he hogs the computer a lot, too. :)

We're accomplishing some things on this two-week working vacation. In fact, Grace led me upstairs to the brown, cave-like walls of the guest room and I painted two of those walls, white. I keep my clothes in the closet of that room and I'd begun dreading dressing up there inside that dust-covered darkness. It's hot working up there. It's taking longer than I thought. But Grace is up there with me holding up my paintbrush hand, keeping me painting when I'd otherwise quit if I was working alone.

What a difference some paint makes! And in the past, I've been known to (secretly) criticize people for resorting to white walls. "Fraidy-cats of color," I'd say. But lately I've admired gorgeous white rooms in magazines, and well, white just seems to fit up in our guest room. Just one more lesson to watch what I say-- to realize I'm still changing. Never say never, and all that... to not, unknowingly, make myself a liar. Or a hypocrite.

Our county fair starts tomorrow! Years past during our visits to the fair I've caught myself, well, mostly yearning. Yearning through the goat and chicken and bunny exhibits. Yearning in the garden produce building. Yearning while watching kids on horses in the ring. Yearning for the whole Country Life Thing.

But this year? This year I will feel a downright kinship. Accepted. Part of all those country folk. And extremely, extremely grateful.


The first photo and this one, above, are from the back of our lot. Does anyone know what these are called? The flowers are actually a more intense shade in-person. At first, they were a bright pink.

And for the final time this year, the hydrangea bush. :)

I appreciate your congratulatory comments and emails so much! They make me want to continue another four years....


"Anna" said...

It's staghorn sumac. This is not the poisonous variety of sumac, so no worries.

smilnsigh said...

This is an "Off Topic Comment" but...I seem to have lost my knack for posting/commenting in 'Blog Land,' for a while. All I do lately, is put up a few photos, here and there. I didn't plan on it... It just happened.

And since I don't want anyone to think I got *uppity* or anything, :-) I'm leaving this comment, to explain my absence.

I'm sure to be back in not too long. Can't keep a "Chatty Person" quiet, for too long. :-)

Miss Mari-Nanci

Anonymous said...

It is a sumac Debra and the foliage will turn brilliant in fall.