Thursday, July 24, 2008

See what Tom and I found on the curb today? Poor things must have been hanging in a covered patio because they were bone dry--and we've had gobs of rain this week. So I brought them home and soaked them, sat them in the rain and then in the sun (when the clouds finally blew away).

Already they are looking happier than they did while sitting on top of two trash cans. :)

And here's another 'photo progress report' of our hydrangeas.

Did anyone else watch Super Nanny last night? I felt so sorry for the oldest daughter (being an oldest daughter, myself). The detachment of the mom was scary, but I could understand parts of it, having had a daughter who's visited all stages of growth, myself. I asked God for compassion for the mom for the parts which made me want to, well, scream.

And of course, I reminded myself I've never had six children, never will, so I zipped my lip and just watched the show and tried to stay calm. And then prayed that things have continued to improve to this day with that family. (And of course, praying a special blessing over Nanny Jo who is amazing and faithful to do exactly what's she's called to do in this life.)

For after all, praying gets way, way better results than judging, complaining and yelling at the tv.

Lately when other people--or I--start sentences with, "In myyyy opinion...........," I cringe. If I say those words myself, I sometimes stop before adding onto them. If I fail to stop myself, nearly always I later regret whatever words I added. My goal is no longer to share my opinion, but truth, instead. Not truth as I see it, either. No, just plain truth-truth. And that, I'm noticing, requires much silence before speaking any words at all.

"Be slow to speak, quick to hear...." from James 1


Anonymous said...

I love reading about all your adventures, but I am so appreciative for your tiny bits of life wisdom stuck here and there throughout your writings. Truly God is using you to teach me what maturity is and how it looks and what it sounds like. I am grateful that you are being faithful to doing what God has called you to do (and for writing about it)!

jodi said...

I did watch Super Nanny and felt sorry for the oldest child, especially when her sister was allowed to spit on her with no repercussions.

Hummingbird Chats said...

I love all your pictures of the flowers, most of all the hydrangeas. I wish I could get one to grow for me, but with our dog General Lee (king 0f the diggers) it is hard. I sometimes watch Supper Nanny, but I have to change the channel alot because I find myself yelling at the TV to much.
~~smiles~~ Katie