Sunday, July 06, 2008

So what do you do if your kitchen has no drawers? You make your own, of course! :) I am amazed at how those boxes work just fine as drawers. At least for me. At least for now. heh.

And what do you do if you are saving nickles to afford the new windows which are arriving in a month when you'd much rather buy one of those nifty black entertainment centers you saw at Target? You simply remove a couple drawers in a dresser you already own, drill holes in the back for cords and then paint the whole thing black. Not as cool as the Target one I stood in front of and coveted, but we're happy with it... and if you'd like to see the pink 'before photo' again, it's here:

A couple people told me they hope I have the stamina for this little farm. Well, I believe I do, but I also think I have something even better. Grace. Grace is all over me out here. She whispers the best and smartest ways and times to do things (like work in the yard in the cool mornings and save housework for later)... she gives me creative ideas and leads me to necessary information and instruction (especially for out in the yard).... and she gives me strength, courage and patience. All of which I require above and beyond just the stamina part.

Grace. She truly is amazing.


Karen said...

You refinished the floors! Bless you - they look wonderful! We never got further than pulling up the old ugly 30-year old burnt orange carpeting.

RMC1 said...

I just had to come back, like those insects that keep coming back to the source of light out of their surrounding darkness. Your writing style and content have shed light in a whole new way upon my long-ingrained patterns of thought. I never have seen God's Grace personnified (She was always just a theological thought). The H.S. touched my heart with the joy and thanksgiving one senses when a new spiritual discovery is made. A whole new vista open before me as you introduced "Grace" to me in a way I've never known. I am anticipating more. Oh, YES! Keep the pictures coming, too.

Anonymous said...

Dear Debra,
I am so excited for you! I've been away for months now and when I drop by you have started living the life of Gladys!
I think around the time I life the email group you had just looked at this house, and now you are moved in. I LOVE IT and I do envy you.
I was thinking I'd like to rejoin it still alive?
Debbie V.