Thursday, July 10, 2008

On Moving Day we asked the movers to put the vast majority of our boxes on our front porch so to save time (and $$$$). And for these past few weeks it's been a hot mess (as Niecey Nash would say) out there.

But finally the boxes are gone, except for some near the door, and in the mornings my cats and I can sit out here and relax and wake-up and recharge for the new day.

So rather than calling this a 'before' or 'after photo,' let's just say this is a 'so far photo.' Our front porch so far. Soon I hope to repaint the white parts, white, and the short oh-so-rough wall, a nice shade of green... and I'd like to paint the floor, white. (Click to enlarge for a closer look.)

This is a lovely place in the early morning and evening (a blazing oven during late morning) and always, a respite from the mosquitoes.


Anonymous said...

Just think how lovely it'll be in the winter when the sun warms it up a bit...and you can sit and soak it up, mid morning.

Lovely, lovely room and can't wait to see more of your farm. This has also been a long-standing dream of mine to own a small farm and learn to live from the land as much as possible. Thank you for sharing this journey - i'm learning as you go! :grin:


Betsy Mc said...

I think you will be so happy with the half wall painted a fresh green and the floor white. That will be so nice!
Betsy Mc

Saija said...

i'm having fun, right along with you ... though my muscles aren't aching at the end of the day! :o)

Judy said...

Oh, it is lovely!

Green walls and white floor? Lovelier yet!

Anonymous said...

I am not sure if you know, but having lived some of my life in the country, my family found out quite by accident that ducks are a GREAT misquito deterrant...they eat them in the larva stage. Long before they are able to fly. You do have to feed the ducks in the evening (so as to get them to come into the duck house).

martha said...

I have always enjoyed your pictures, your descriptions, your journey, and mostly your spiritual perspective. Today you've taught me an important new concept, the "so far photo". I just love this phrase. I think my entire home is neither "before" nor after, but just "so far". As a person who enjoys the process as much as the product, this label fits so well.
Thanks so much.

Ann said...

Looks like such a nice place to sit and relax. I think the white floor is a good idea. How about a pretty little rug too? Old fashioned hook rug?