Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Isn't this cute? We have lots of scrap wood inside our barn so Tom made this bench for me right after I told him I needed one. He's a sweetie. He told me to paint it soon or else it will crumble, but I prefer its natural appearance. Maybe I can find some clear finish stuff around this place.

I've never told you outright that Tom is not a yard person--never has been. So guess whose responsibility it is to care for these 3.8 acres? Yes, mine.

Now, before you hyperventilate and ask, "What were you thinking?", let me add something quickly... Tom may not be a yard person, but he is a tractor person. All these 30 years I've watched him drool over various forms of hauling equipment and he's ridden certain types at his workplace and come home exclaiming how much he enjoyed it.

So. Tom is longing for a tractor and when he gets one he'll help me mow the lawn. But alas, that will have to be next year because--barring finding a free tractor on the curb--we simply can't afford one this year. But it's on the list for next year--trust me. Right there at the top.

Now, before you comment that 'riding mowers' are lots cheaper than small tractors, let me save you the time. Tom won't even consider a riding mower. No. Nope. No way. They don't have enough power nor enough attachments.

The guy wants all the attachments. Says we neeeeeed all those attachments on this place. And well, you know men once they've made up their minds...

But my point is this. Tom may not be a yard person, but I am. And I may not be the bread-winner type, but he is. And I am not a phone person, but he doesn't mind making Life's important calls. And he's not the homemaker-type, but I am ... I would dread taking our car into the shop for maintenance, yet he doesn't mind at all...

... he can make a bench and I can't.

I think with any couple there's always a balance, but oh my... Unless both people are willing to search for the balance, submit to it and faithfully keep it going, well, then there will be trouble.

My favorite couples are those who accept each others strengths and weaknesses and live in harmony. They are a joy to watch and spend time with... and to learn from.

So did you spy my sun tea jar in the garden? In a previous post I told you that sun tea is great for plants, especially for shade plants, so that's the jar I use. Even has cows on it... how appropriate for us here in Farmville.

Oh and I should add this... Two of our neighbors with riding mowers have been helping me keep our side lawns mowed. What a blessing, indeed. I used to mow Nancy's lawn nextdoor to our old house for lots of years so perhaps I'm reaping from that. I'm a great believer in the sowing and reaping thing... so who (besides God) knows for sure?


smilnsigh said...

Great bench!

And yeaaaa for each person, contributing what they are built for, so to speak. :-)

Miss Mari-Nanci

daisymarie said...

This so made me smile. Nelson and I balance each other out so well. Yesterday was one of our anniversaries. We celebrate the anniversary of our engagement. It's the wonderul little things that keep a 30 year relationship still going!

Betsy Mc said...

I love it that you appreciate each other's strengths (and recognize that weaknesses are opportunities for service). My DH and I are rather like that- - -he does things that I would hate tackling like business stuff, but then I happily do things like gardening and yard work that affect his asthma. God puts balance in our lives.
Betsy Mc

Anonymous said...

i live close to Lancaster, Pennsylvania - home of many, many Amish and Mennonite folk and their wonderful farms.

i have NEVER, EVER seen a man mow the lawn on any of those farms unless they are living there alone. The women and children do it 'cause the men are doing barn/field/building things. i've seen young boys mow but normally even they are busy doing other work.

This is not a bad thing - it's just everyone doing what they need to do to keep the farm going.


... Paige said...

Wow oh wow! I am playing catch up and you have been very busy. I am glad you and Tom are doing well and are enjoying you new home.

Cindy Swanson said...

Debra, it's been a while since I've visited your blog, and I'm just now getting around to viewing the lovely interior pics of your house. LOVE it! Your lovely touches are everywhere. Could you possibly tell me the shade of paint you used in your living room? I'm thinking of painting our guest room something along those lines.