Monday, July 07, 2008

Bob is coming this afternoon. Bob The Milkman, that is.

Oh, this still feels like a dream. See the box in the picture? That's the milk box Bob gave us for the empty bottles of milk and lemonade and juice. The index card on top is my list of food and milk for Bob to bring back with him next Monday afternoon. Bob's a great guy... has been delivering around our countryside for lots of years and he even used to deliver here at our house ten years ago.

I love to write out that list while wearing an apron and listening to Glenn Miller on the record player. I feel a kindship with all those 1920's and 30's housewives long gone. Stuff like that zooms me back to the Past and you all know how much I love living there. :)

What a continuing miracle to live on this old tiny farm! How strange that I almost gave-up on this dream years past, or more likely, how odd that for eons I couldn't muster the faith to believe for this life.

And now here it is.

So again, for those of you who are believing for a heart's desire--hang in there and keep believing. And if you are afraid to believe for something--fear not. It just may be the exact thing God wants to give you someday. He delights in giving perfect gifts and it's not a hard thing for Him to do since He knows us inside and out.

But I've noticed one thing--God is really into the perfect timing. And isn't it wild that most often we think He is late?

Oh, and you will love this. Look what I found yesterday in our basement near the sump pump after Anna told me to look there:

It says, "Bev + Ed 8/26/57."

Is that sweet, or what? How fun to know that Bev and Ed patched the cement in a corner of our basement 51 years ago. Of course, now I'm, like, crazy out of my mind to discover who Bev and Ed were and what became of them. :)

Anyone know what I mean?

Oh, and if you're wondering about the (dreadfullly rough-and-old-looking) room where the milk box is, that's our mud room at the back of the house. You step in there and you definitely feel as though you've traveled back in Time--right on back to the days of the Wild West! :)

Just one more thing, I promise!

This afternoon I discovered a list of around a hundred country life and farming blogs (!) so I simply had to share it with you. Here you go.


Anonymous said...

I am SO jealous. A milkman. Mysterious previous owners.(remember Gladys' murders?)
I might be able to help with the mystery through Ancestry. Email me your address (or general whereabouts) and I will see what I can find out.

Saija said...

God's timing is perfect ... amen and amen!!!! and while we wait for God's timing - He adds patience to our virtues!!! *smiling*

ENJOY Debra ... ENJOY!