Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Just A Peek...

... of a corner of our guest room upstairs. I'm going for the shabby chic look, I think. (Hey, I heard that groan.) :)

And here's the other side of the room and what I've had to work with (against?). Anyone wonder why I haven't shown you this room sooner? Heh.

But seriously, it's a Good Thing to share the bad, too, with the good, lest everyone think our lives are running more smoothly/ without glitches than they are in reality. There's a type of dishonesty and unreality in that (she reminds herself often....because she forgets often...)...

Wednesday a.m.... And here is the tweaked version, below :)

Click photos to enlarge.


RMC1 said...

I continue to return to this laatest SAGA in your life. I'm loving the photos and the prose.
By-the-way, ever hear of the product called Textra? Contact me via email and I will share it with you. You will be surprised...I think :-)

Judy said...

Oh, Debra!

I LOVE it!

I'm a huge fan of shabby chic (well, shabby anyway).

Hummingbird Chats said...

I love what you are doing in that bed room, the shabby chic look is great. The picture with the kitties are so cut and the old books look right at home.
~~smiles~~ Katie

nancyr said...

It is going to look great when you are done. A little paintable calk would fill in the gaps, between pieces of paneling.

Deborah Raney said...

Oh, I LOVE the "tweaked" version with the old books. Perfect! I can't TELL you how much I'm enjoying the photos and your new adventures in the farmhouse. I have really missed your decorating adventures and I'm so glad you're back. : )