Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Okay... moving on from my last post...
I'd been meaning to do an online search for bird feeders you can make yourself. Lately Tom has become an almost hysterical bird watcher--he even talks to them in a kind of baby talk (hmmm...). And too, we'd like tons of birds on our property so they can eat more of these @#$%@ mosquitoes.

Well, I found some bird feeder ideas, but mostly they involved using milk cartons, egg cartons, onion mesh, pop bottles and the like. I thought, "Uh, I hadn't really pictured hanging garbage from our trees. I wanted to go a bit more classy than that." (I hope that doesn't offend anyone. It's me, not you. heh).

But each of the sites said to use your imagination and just about anything around the house could be used to create a bird feeder. So I ran upstairs, turned the light on in my Decorating Closet (crammed with knick-knacks we have zero room for here) and gazed around. I discovered these three candle holders, ones we used in our (fake)fireplace in the old house. I turned them over and found they would hold more birdseed that way, then I ran them downstairs and outside into one of my flower beds beside the house, buried them a tad then added seed.

I think they look kinda spiffy. Be sure to notice our cobblestone foundation wall, too.

So there's your lesson for the day--when you can't spend money (and your car has been wrecked and you can't go anywhere, anyway) well, just use what you already have. Your imagination will amaze you. Try it and see.

And here's what I did last night... I hung these towel bars all by myself in our bathroom:

And this tissue holder, too:

Believe it or not, our bathroom had none of these modern features when we moved in. :) And guess what? We got the racks, the holder, two matching switch plates and an old-fashioned medicine cabinet for upstairs (a large wooden one) for only $10 total. All heavy duty stuff and all like new. A true blessing, one which made us feel like God was doing us a favor... and providing for us--again.

Oh and this was your first peek at our bathroom. I really like the color in there--kind of a 1940's dusty rose but with more of a peach tone and there's some nice ivy stenciling all along the top. I painted our last bathroom at least six times searching for the right color, but this one's gonna stay just as it is.


nancyr said...

I thought that was a magazine photo!
The new "bird feeders" look amazing.

Kristi in the Western Reserve said...

Debra, So sorry about the car, but so glad that no one was seriously hurt! You may need purple martin houses(google for them)........They eat mosquitoes like crazy.....Or a bat house. But I'd go with the martins - they never want to move into your house! Really love seeing all the things you are doing in your new home........This will make you young, you know! Adapting to all this change.

Deborah Raney said...

I thought the exact same thing: magazine photo. I was actually disappointed, thinking, "oh rats. Debra didn't post one of HER photos today." I LOVE the bird feeders. Brilliant use of the candleholders You are SO creative!

Stitcher S said...

Lovely blog, I've enjoyed visiting.

jar said...

I love the bird feeders. Looks like your expecting a crowd :-).
Sorry about the car. Glad that every one is okay.

Jammie J. said...

Oh Debra, I'm so sorry to read about Tom's accident! I'm so very glad that he's okay. If it's any consolation, since it was the other driver's fault AND he admitted it, HIS insurance company should pay for everything, repairs and even a rental car.

The only thing I would say from my own experiences, is to stay on top of calling the insurance company, the squeaky wheel and all that.

Your "birdfeeders" are adorable. And, of course, you knew I would comment on this post, because you know how I love bathrooms. :D