Sunday, March 30, 2008

We're back! From seeing the above farmhouse, that is. We loved the barn and the peaceful 3.8 acres and I could envision myself strolling the valley-like land on summer mornings. The current owners even have chickens in the barn and two Angora sheep (we believe they were. Huge ol' hairy things on tiny, skinny legs--it's surprising they don't topple over).

And the house? Did I tell you it was built in 1880? Lots of ancient stuff in there--old original doors, even pocket doors and a butlers' type pantry--a tiny one. Tall ceilings and three huge windows in the dining room--nearly all the downstairs windows are almost floor-to-ceiling, making for a very sunny, cheerful house.

But, as with any old house, it comes with problems. The floors in three rooms downstairs need to be refinished big-time, "Before we move in," I told Tom. Life is simpler that way and we never did refinish our floors in our last house because we hated considering shoving all that furniture around. Fortunately we know the greatest, most honest carpenter in the world and he just happens to live near that house. Tom called him minutes ago--Tom is, surprisingly, more excited than I am.

Yet I told him I wouldn't even consider the house if I can't paint the natural woodwork, white. For 14 years I lived with woodwork he wouldn't let me paint and it nearly made me insane, me and my paint-happy hands. He said, "Ok. I promise you can paint it. It's only yellow pine, anyway. Not like it's oak--that would be different." I told him I'd take that in writing, thank-you. :)

And the stairs are only the enclosed kind and they're off the kitchen. Now, I've always wanted stairs off of a kitchen, but only in addition to a stairway you can actually see from an entryway. But oh well. And there's no window over the kitchen sink--yet if you turn your head sideways at the sink you can see outside through a window in the kitchen door and one in the large back entryway.

But overall, it's a very livable house as it is and any work would only improve upon it. A very sturdy, good bones house.

We adore the tiny country town where this house stands. Just 15 miles from where we live, yet it felt and appeared like a whole different state. We ate lunch at the only restaurant there and everybody was friendly beyond belief. Genuine country folk. We'd not even seen the house yet, but after that meal, we were ready to move there.

All those countryside drives we've taken over the years! Instead of always driving back home, someday we hope to drive out there and stay. For ten years, or so. Or even longer... who knows?

Stay tuned.

I really appreciate all your comments to the post where I first spoke of this house. Thanks for your stories, warnings and encouragement!


Hilmarose said...

I am joyful that you loved the place :)

Your description of the cafe and country drive brought back memories for me of times long past.. thank you :)

Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

We moved to the country a little over two years ago and we love it. We have a little less than an acre but that is more than enough to keep up with our age (and my husband's allergies).

If we were younger and healthier, if we still had kids growing up, I'd have wanted to move out farther and have more land.

It will be a lot of work. :)

Olivia said...

I enjoy your blog and think this house is precious and on 3.8 makes me drool with envy. I see a project like this: old house and nice land as an uplifting feeling and I think it would keep you in shape physically, mentally and spiritually.

Thank you for sharing moment of your life. It is very inspiring.


Anonymous said...

"We ate lunch at the only restaurant there and everybody was friendly beyond belief. Genuine country folk. We'd not even seen the house yet, but after that meal, we were ready to move there."

The house sounds like such a fun place to live and fix up. But I have to tell you with a laugh, the first thing that popped into my mind when I read the above lines was the movie "Funny Farm" with Chevy Chase. Have you ever seen that one?
"Cue the deer!" :-) Honestly though, how exciting to find such a neat place.

Kristi in the Western Reserve said...

Hi Debra,

Sounds exciting and the stuff that dreams are made of - as well as lots of work....Wow, I wish I had your energy problem...........This is a buyer's market and your house is already sold which is a big point in your favor....You don't really have to cut the grass on all the acreage, you know! I have a little over 1.5 acres and it's quite enough, but I love it.....I hope I get to visit you next summer, wherever you are living.