Thursday, March 27, 2008

Oh wow.

Have you seen the new Kohl's department store commercial? I seldom love tv ads but I love that one. While the oh-so-terrific song, Horse With No Name plays, it shows four young women traveling in a convertible (convertibles... Tom and I always oooh and ahhh over them) through the desert and one girl lifts her scarf and lets the wind catch it and tear it away. It floats to the road so they stop the car and then they (in beautiful, trendy clothes) run down sandy dunes where they come upon a gorgeous carousel (in the middle of just sand for miles... so cool) which lights up, after which they jump up on it and twirl around. Then they frolic back through the sand to their car and drive away, leaving a yellow hat lying on the road.

And then comes the reason I'm even writing about this. A slogan pops up. It reads:

"Kohl's: Expect great things."

Oh my goodness. I've learned to discover encouragement and lessons in odd or ordinary places and I found both today in that slogan.

"Yes! Expect great things," I reminded myself. "God would want you to believe for the best in people, in circumstances and Life, in general."

But how easy it is to slip into a lazy sort of expectation apathy. You know, expecting that Spring will never really get here... that the skies will always be as grey as they were today...

... or expecting that I'll always be in this state of mid-life adjustment, always having to adapt to this my-fate-is-up-in-the-air feeling...

... expecting that tomorrow will be just like today (Dullsville), that I'll keep running out of things to do in this tiny (but nice) apartment or that I'll never catch up with my email, snail mail ... or that my current annoyances about my Life, myself and my winter weight will never straighten themselves out.

You know... that kind of thing.
It is good to pause, sometimes, and ask, "Just what am I expecting, anyway?"

But always God has something better and always He wants me to believe for it. He is all about faith and hope and love, too--and everyday I'm given opportunities to believe for all that. And even more.

And so Kohl's--even though the one time I visited your store I nearly bounded out the doors, screaming because of your high prices--I do thank you for your tv commercial and your reminder... and I'll be taking your advice to expect great things. I promise.



Deborah Raney said...

I haven't seen the commercials, Debra, but they sound neat. You did a good job of describing them. And I've gotta say I love their clothes. And if you shop only their sales racks, you'll be amazed at what you'll find. Some of my favorite jackets came from Kohls and I don't think I paid over $20 for one of them. And invariably when I get up to the cash register, I discover my sale items are an ADDITIONAL 15 or 20 percent off. My last trip there this winter, I got 5 things (jackets and tops) and the total price was the original price of one of the jackets! I love bargains like that! : )

Beemoosie said...

What a lovely and encouraging post!! Something I needed to here!