Sunday, March 16, 2008

So it's another birthday for good ol' Debra on this auspicious Sunday.

These days, I love what's going on inside of my body and head and heart.

But I am shocked with what's happening on the outside.


While the morning was still dark and before Tom was awake, I stood in front of the bathroom mirror and stared at my face with its fringe of grey hair. I sighed. Got my hair wet, scrunched its curls and made them curlier, then trimmed the whole shaggy affair.

And called it good.

I put on some make-up, pulled on a knitted sweater-top in my best blue shade (third change in an hour). And smiled. I still looked 49, but a better 49. And I guess that's what matters--that I make the most of this aging face and accept its lines, creases and spots with grace (with the help of magical foundation, but of course.)...

...and then move on to the myriad things in Life which matter much, much more.
Tom and I celebrated my birthday yesterday. In perfect sunny weather we went out for Chinese buffet in the next-town-over then saw Juno (my second time. I know, I know...but I like what I like) at our favorite 1940's-ish theater. Then we drove out in a country-ish area near us to look for For Sale signs buried in snowy lawns. Those signs are everywhere in our town, but out in the sprawling, farm-filled countryside? We glimpsed only two signs. Must be that the people out there realize just how good they've got it. :)


Hilmarose said...

Happy Birthday Debra!!! 49 isn't so bad... I used to think it was but since I too will reach that point in less than 2 months I can now say it isn't too bad.

Storybook Woods said...

Dear Debra, happy birthday wishes. You are perfect Love Clarice

Jammie J. said...

Happy Birthday, Debra. I hope that when I'm 49 I'll remember your words... "that I make the most of this aging face and accept its lines, creases and spots with grace." Beauty is found in the lines and creases of age, as long as you have the wisdom to go with.


David Warren Fisher said...


HAPPY BIRTHDAY, my friend! Hope you have a great day! We honked at you (instead of waving) when we returned from Buffalo/Rochester on Wednesday.
Did you hear me?

Be encouraged in the Lord today! God is good!

David, the Pilgrim

Dapoppins said...

Happy Birthday. I hope I can take 40 with is much grace as you take 49.

Saija said...

Happy Birthday!
since you don't post too many self-portraits, what i " see " is the heart of your writing ... and it is indeed lovely! :o)

Judy said...

Happy Birthday, dear friend!

Kristi in the Western Reserve said...

Dear Debra, Happy Belated Birthday. If I could be 49 again! Wow! Wait til you're 63! But life is a blessing always, as I think you know.

Kristi in Ohio

daisydreamer said...

Happiest of wishes of joy and blessing to you!

I went to pluck my eyebrows (mow the caterpillar) and found white hairs. I wasn't ready for that. Sometimes the gracefulness of aging gives an odd sort of jolt.

A garden and a room for mom sound very sensible, giving, and joyous!

Hummingbird Chats said...

Happy Birthday. I hope it was a wonderful day. I think 49 is a great age, live it to the fullest,I say. Katie

... Paige said...

I may be a day late but my greetings for a Happy Birthday will last, I hope.
Out looking for a new home? Good idea to look at it in the wintery snow. That way you have an idea of what the post card at Christmas will look like.
I'm sure when the time is right the right home will be there for y'all.
Stay safe

Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Birthday Debra!!! God has blessed you with 49 great is that??? Enjoy those wrinkles, creases, and gray hairs....they all show wisdom and grace.


Laura said...

I'm so sorry I missed your birthday! Happy Belated Birthday!