Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Robin left a comment yesterday saying she was confused because she thought Tom was getting a job transfer to North Carolina.

It then occurred to me that A.) I would be confused if I were her, too and B.) I never did tell you what happened about the Richmond, VA job possibility. (Technically it was Virginia, not North Carolina but hey... they're close.) :)

Short version? Through none of Tom's fault,the Richmond job fell through. The powers-that-be couldn't agree on some vital things so the whole new project was put on hold--or even shelved. So that was out--and it was ok. After some time, the whole thing didn't feel right to us... the house hunting online was becoming a pain, we got tired of all the pushed-back deadlines, etc.

There have been other job offers in the meantime (offers, technically not transfers), but you know? Lately I'm not wanting to move out-of-state. Lately I'm liking the thought of staying near our daughter who we enjoy gathering with (her and her boyfriend) on holidays and the occasional weekend. And now that Spring is here(!) we have so much lovely weather to experience (say what you will about Buffalo, but when it's not snowing, it's darn nice around here weather-wise. Usually.)

And Tom? Well, lately he's considered staying here, too, but his gypsy blood messes with his mind sometimes. He's always, all these years, talked of moving, but usually--we are both noticing--he mostly just enjoys the talk...

... and the dreaming about moving. After all, nearly 15 years of talk later, we're still right here. And now I'm wondering if that year-and-a-half was meant for just that--the dreaming... a time given to us to dream about moving far, far away.

After all... each of us needs our dreams and imaginings and anticipations.

But now there appears to be a job opening up in our area. Something which would be easier on Tom and something which would also allow him to occasionally travel--and that is what he's always wanted to do. And there is a farmhouse for sale in the countryside near that job opportunity--it's also near enough to Tom's current job here...

.. so who knows? All I know is that we both want to buy a house with a bit of land... and a clothesline ... and room for extended visits from my mother... and space for a dog... and a few new projects, both at home and in this world.

So stay tuned... all of this may change by next week. But that's how Life goes sometimes when you are at the half-century mark and trying to listen to God's plans, but finding your own thoughts and confused desires get in the way.

But it's a relief knowing that God will not let us stray too far or make too drastic a mistake--if only we keep Him near.... if only we keep Him first.


Anonymous said...

Your decision making is a mirror of my life right now. Just different states. Amazing how the thoughts, struggles, desires etc are exactly the same things my husband and I are going thru...and those feelings change daily. People think we've lost our minds since we are always changing them. And as for Buffalo in the spring and summer......it is fantastic.....nothing like sitting at Old Man River's enjoying lunch and watching the people and boats on the lake....the breeze is great and the humidity is next to nothing....the sky is so blue too.


smilnsigh said...

Thank you Robin, for asking! I've been wondering the same thing!!! :-)

Now, the new ideas fall more into place. For we who are watching the continuing story, from afar.

Gotta' keep us up to speed Debra. -giggles- Or else we're liable to get lost, along the way.

One thing, please get a snow blower for next winter. Please. Please. Pretty please. Pretty please with sugar on it. You shouldn't keep shoveling snow. And you know it will fall again. Come winter.

Seems like spring/summer would be a good time to get a good buy on a snowblower too. :-)


Anonymous said...

Whew...I thought maybe I had missed something or confused you with someone else!

Thanks for the explaination!

Here's to spring!

Robin in Jersey

Anonymous said...

So Virginia is out? Oh well, it sounds like you have such a great attitude Debra! I really admire your willingness to let God lead and just "go with the flow". Will be watching to see what happens next!! :-)

Judy said...

Thank you for sharing about this road you are walking.

One of the most amazing ideas to me is that we are given choices.

It's great to play around with one in one's mind, and imagine rearrange one's life around it and then just let it go!

I have a friend in about the same financial situation that I am in. We have another friend who can occasional build new houses. Once we discussed how we never envy her, because she has to make decisions and then stick with them, while 'the houses we build in our heads' can change with every whim!

I need dreams.

Donetta said...

Life is such a wonderful adventure.

daisydreamer said...

Ah, yes: the dreaming. I wonder if that's not what Arizona is for us. The warmth and mountains do beckon, but I'm quite cozy in my familiar albeit cold Ohio.

A farmhouse...land...dog...mmmmmmm. That does quite homey.

And God knows...and in that there is peace.

Dianne said...

Cool. How fun God allows us to dream! and thanks for 'splaining things a bit. Praying for you guys.