Saturday, March 29, 2008

Okay, if I wanted to rent my dream house, I'd rent this one. Only $850 per month, on a couple acres, and it has beach access to Lake Ontario. Can you imagine? (Click to enlarge any of these photos.)

But back to Reality Land..... Here, below, is the house Tom and I are currently considering, one which has an open house tomorrow, one not too far from the house, above... On 3+ acres with fruit trees, a barn and all for less than $90,000...

Just by seeing these photos, I love it already.... though pictures sometimes lie, or rather, don't tell the whole truth. heh.

Tom and I have said for nearly thirty years that we'd love to live in the country... that we'd love a barn, an orchard and some land. Of course, it's easy to speak such bold words... it's making me nervous to consider that we may just get what we have wished for--and perhaps find it not to our liking or more work than we'd enjoy... and that it was all a pipe dream rather than a God-inspired one.

Yet making bold moves usually feels that way and I realize that when God has a new project/ministry/plan in mind, He always makes it more than what we, ourselves, could handle on our own. Why? Because if we could do it all easily, then we'd be doing it all in our own strength (not His) and He would get none of the glory.

So I do know better than to look for something I-could-do-with-one-arm-tied-behind-my-back-no-problem. And gazing at this farmhouse I know it's more like a this-is-gonna-fail-big-time-if-God's-not-in-it project.

And in the photo of the side of the house, can't you just feel that country sunshine?


daisydreamer said...

Wow! It looks and sounds wonderful. 3+ acres. Fruit trees! And for that price. It's so cool when God smiles and tells us that he's aware of our heart's dreams.

smilnsigh said...

1) What shape is it in? Meaning, does it need a _lot_ of work, at present?

2) Land is cool, but who will take care of it? You of course. Are you ready to do so? Mow all that pretty grass, which will be a field of hay, unless cut a lot. {From friends who live in the country...} Etc.?

3) Dear Debra, I know you live with this belief that God is directing all. But... Don't you think you really need to pay a lot of attention to ~ How much you are willing to do, and can do, when making a choice? Isn't there a cute house, which isn't on a lot of land, which will need to be maintained?

Yeah, I know. A wet blanket comment. But I really don't mean it that way. I mean it, as someone a lot farther down the road of life than you...

But in having gone farther on life's path, I know that with the passing of each year... what we _can_ do, becomes somewhat less. And along the path, we need to realize that we aren't 21 or 31 anymore.

Grrrrr... Boooo.... Hissss.... I know. I know. Not what you want, in a comment. :-(

You want the rest of your comments, which will say; "God will provide." And you will get plenty of those comments... So you can read this and not post it, if you will feel better about what's here, in your blog.

I vet all my comments first now... since there are so many virus comments going around the Net, at this time. Ugh!


Hilmarose said...

I love the house you are looking at! I can feel the country sunshine :) You will have to post pics after you go to the open house.

martha said...

Looks dreamy! Aren't dreams exhilarating! Thanks for letting us in on your possibilities. And please keep us posted on all developments.

Anonymous said...

Debra, what an amazing little house on the three acres! And what an amazing price!!! I will be so anxious to hear what you think after you've attended the open house tomorrow. Like you, I've always had a dream for a home with a bit of land... so far it hasn't happened, but I haven't given it up - not yet. And my plan for all the grass? Get a couple of goats to "mow" it for you :) Susan

Charity Grace said...

I love the farm house. I agree that old houses can be a lot of work, but they can be a lot of fun too, depending on how much time and energy you have to invest. Same for land. My parents are in their 60's and still taking care of land and animals with no problem. It can be a great life.

Judy said...

Oh, what FUN you would have fixing it up!

I have an aunt and uncle who bought a small Cape Cod style house on three acres with fruit trees and out buildings.

That was thirty years ago. They are still there.

It was a lot of work, and now they are nearing 80. The fruit trees had to go, and the chickens, but they still garden each year. I'm sure that soon they will move into something which will include lawn care, but goodness, they had those amazing 30 years!!!

(pictures of their home in wisconsin are in the archives on my plethora blog.)

Dapoppins said...

I think it looks very sweet! If we had something here for that much...even if it was small for 6 people, I would want it.

Pat said...

It looks so inviting, it would call my name for sure.
If it's the desire of your heart, and if the Lord opens the door of possibility - walk through it and enjoy it.
It would certainly take some work, but if you're up to it and enjoy doing what it it as long as you can, and if and when the day comes that its too much maintenance then you can look for something else. Live for today, tomorrow will come soon enough.

Anonymous said...

"You've got to have a dream. If you don't have a you gonna make a dream come true". Go for it if it's truly what you want...cautiously to be sure.


nancyr said...

We live on just over 3 acres, and I'm older than you, and I would not trade it for anything smaller! You will need a riding mower, but that's no big deal. I am the mower, and I LOVE doing it. I can daydream, play farmer, and sing to my heart's content, as I ride along, with no one to hear me. Follow your dream!!!