Friday, March 14, 2008

Okay. Tom and I are on the brink of being certifiable. Today we talked about buying another house--something here in this Eternal Winter town!
Maybe we could find something super-cheap, we mused. We could pay cash for nearly all of it (cheapo houses still do exist here) with the money we got from the sale of our last house--money in the bank which is burning holes in our pockets.

I'm blaming it on Spring. I walked home from uptown this morning and felt Springtime in the air, even though snow lay frozen everywhere but in the streets. That air! It felt soft, but strong, and was weakening Winter even at that moment and I could hear it, too, in birdsong--even smell it, as well. And I had that March feeling I love--we may get more snow, but Springtime is winning and Winter will not be as strong as it was. Not this year, at least.

And while I strolled along, I saw gardens in my mind's eye and a big yard and a decrepit old house in need of love and decorating and one with enough rooms to have my mom come and stay with us a month or two.

Sigh. We are impatient, I know. Tired of waiting and wondering now--after a year-and-a-half of considering a move out-of state--whether perhaps God just wants us to stay here. And well, Buffalo Winters can make anyone dream of new adventures and become impatient (I know. I know.).
But Tom and I have always been sensible--to a fault. I think we will get to Heaven and God will shake His head and say, "Well, one thing for sure. You kids sure did play it safe."

The only wild thing we've ever done? We moved from Nevada all the way over here to New York. And even that turned out to be the best thing we ever did.

So have you ever wanted to break out of your own sensible ways and just leap and do something wild, something you're not sure is right but you just wanted to do it anyway? How did it turn out? (she asks with fear and trembling...). Well, that's kinda where we are now--wanting to leap, instead of sitting here on the couch, waiting. But like I said--maybe it's just cabin fever, Spring fever and the fever of impatience.

And I'd just bet it's because I have another birthday coming this weekend--the big 4-9. Veering that close to 50 is enough to get anyone a tad antsy. :)


P.S. Do not take this post too seriously. I'm just rambling to any of you who still read here. (And a big thank-you goes to any of you who are listening.)


Hilmarose said...

"P.S. Do not take this post too seriously. I'm just rambling to any of you who still read here. (And a big thank-you goes to any of you who are listening.)"
LOL... I still read every post, may not comment much any more but I still read them!

Hummingbird Chats said...

I say go for it. I think you'll love it. And to find a house that needs love and then putting love in love just great..I'm a military brat and wife so there is always a new place to go for me. Katie
p.s. I just turn 49 in Feb. not too bad so far.

smilnsigh said...

If it's "this weekend," then Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dianne said...

Man i am way behind here . . . I thought you guys moved - out of state? Sorry you are still in the land of the frozen.

Anonymous said...

Happy happy birthday to you Debra!!! Hope it's a SUNNY day for you :)
We are impatiently awaiting spring here too!!

daisydreamer said...

Your questioning made me smile. I like to think I'm sensible, but the more I thought about my answer to the question, it doesn't look as if I've done much that others would consider sensible. For example, today, I'm not even wearing sensible shoes.

I complain about winter here, too. This year we've had twice our average snowfall. Ack! And though Tucson has some definite appeal: I'm real an Ohioan.