Monday, March 03, 2008

Oh. My. Goodness.

We are at 60 degrees right now. Sixty degrees!

Last week at this time we were at 11 miserable, icy degrees and here we are fifty degrees warmer.

Mostly? I'm elated and out-of-my-mind ecstatic. I walked to our supermarket today, probably three-quarters of a mile away. It felt like Spring! And I didn't have to wear my heavy, cumbersome (and did I mention heavy?) long black wool coat. No gloves, either!

But on the other hand, well, my body is rebelling. Or something. I think it's officially too old to be yanked around like this. You know, having to endure a fifty degree difference in less than a week. And knowing darn well (yet trying to forget) that another snowstorm is arriving tomorrow and we'll be back down in the 30's. And surrounded by snow and ice. Again.

Bleh. (And I'm leaving out how I passed darling, cozy houses on my walk and was reminded that usually (year after year) I'm redecorating a room at this time of year. But in this rental, I'm redecorating nothing.)

Oh well. Don't mind me. I took that aforementioned walk and I even hung some towels out on the clothesline to dry (I have a clothesline again--hooray!). And I even saw two women chatting in the yard across the street, which is like a miracle because we've only lived here in winter and this street has appeared like a ghost town, what with it being too cold to be outdoors. So those were the good things and I'm trying to concentrate on them, and not on the argument Tom and I had last night (and which has, unfortunately, hung around here like a misty fog while he's been at work). And then there's the confusion my tired/old/sick-of-snow body is feeling.

But I'll get through it. Probably, this is what comes from writing a post like my last one---I get tested on it! ("Are you really contented, Debra??," God asks.) Like all of you, I get so tired of tests--yet they are vital. Necessary. How else will I know how far I've come--and how far I still have to go?

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Jan said...

I'm in Maine, debra and I too am very sick of snow! Its been storm after storm with a tease of very warm weather in between. At 65 my body rebels against such extremes.
But spring will surely come. I just know it.