Sunday, March 09, 2008

Rather than whine about our latest big snowstorm (I am sooo tempted...) I'll just keep this short. And about something else.

You've probably noticed I've not been writing here much lately, and well, trust me--I've noticed it, too. And wondered about it. I asked myself, "Am I going through a dry spell? Writer's block? A great big lack of inspiration due hugely to this winter-which-will-never-end?" (Oops! I wasn't going to talk about the weather...)

But no, I think rather than a dry spell, I'm experiencing a "just living it" spell. You know, just living what I have learned and putting it into practice... Not learning a ton of new things, but instead, it's as though I'm being watched by God--closely--to see how well I am obeying what He's spent months teaching me...

... and I've a feeling there won't be a ton of new lessons till I begin recalling --and passing--these old lessons first. At times we're so anxious to 'move on,' that we forget some more work must be done first.

And I hope that will encourage some of you who are in similar places. I've known people (and have been one of them) who panic at times like these.... wonder at which corner they got lost...wonder where they went wrong (or more dreadful--where God went wrong).

But since there's a time for everything, then there must be a time to just live what one has been taught. To hold onto one's peace and nearness to God while walking-out the lessons He's taken great effort to teach.
And if you are there now, remember, I am there with you.


Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

I've only been blogging for about 1 1/2 years. However, I've already had to take a few weeks off here and there.

Usually that is when I put up a give-away. (My current one was only put up at this time as a promise to the editors of the book!)

I have you on Bloglines and it is always good to see you have written. :)

Saija said...

i've been away from blogging this past year too ... tho' i have been learning, thinking about God's Word and how He is teaching my heart to listen ... things just don't get put down on paper ... i agree that "living it" has been top on the agenda ...

and re the weather that neither of us will complain about ... how 'bout a bloggers in convention - in arizona - or hawaii or ... well you get the drift!!

blessings on ya!