Saturday, March 22, 2008

So what did Tom and I do for hours and hours this morning? We searched online (all bleary-eyed) for houses to buy in our area.

Sigh. And here I told you yesterday that I didn't want to get out of balance with this... but there I was, like all, Must... Find... A House... THIS... WEEKEND.

So I'm taking a break and I'm going to share some helpful hints with you. See, for a few weeks now, I've been strolling down the five blocks to the convenience store and buying the weekly issue of Woman's World Magazine for the 'natural cures' section. I've already shared with you how we're trying to 'go organic' and well, I'm also searching for natural cures because--I don't know about you--but the older Tom and I get, the more high maintenance we become.


So here are some of the hints, ones that I'm finding actually work(!). Especially the grape juice one--I'm really-truly sleeping better now. Thank-goodness.

Ease muscle and joint aches with cherries/or cherry juice.

Vitamin D helps protect against heart attacks, cancer , kidney stones, osteoporosis and eases joint pain associated with arthritis. It also helps your brain release serotonin, a mood-boosting hormone.

You can reduce 'bad' cholesterol by as much as 20% by eating three almonds per day.
Eating oranges can help decrease lines and wrinkles in your face.

Prevent migraines by: relaxing, getting enough sleep, cutting out lunchmeats, taking CoQ10, getting more magnesium, and cutting back on fats found in foods.

Protect your memory by eating fish and foods high in vitamin B (folic acid), exercising, getting enough sleep, enjoying new experiences and taking fish oil supplements. Vitamin B also enables us to extract energy from the food we eat and keeps estrogen from fueling fibroids..

Trouble sleeping? Eat grapes! Grape skins contain melatonin, a hormone that clues you to feel sleepy. (I've been drinking 1/4 cup of organic grape juice before I go to bed and it's been helping me sleep better. Honest.)

Earwax build-up? You may be low in essential fatty acids. Try taking 1 tbs. flax seed or 2,000 mg. fish oil daily.
Also, you can fall asleep faster by eating starchy foods like potatoes four hours before going to bed or eating a little protein, like peanut butter, right before bedtime.


daisydreamer said...

I've been talking in several of my group opportunities about how we need to be taking better care of ourselves. I'm talking to a lot of parents with younger children who need to be setting a better example.

I really appreciated reading your suggestions. I knew some but not the cherries or grapes. Thanks!!!

Judy said...

I'd start out slowly on the flax seeds and see how they 'go' first.

I had a nasty experience with those once. So glad I was home, alone!

Cindy Swanson said...

Debra, I believe in this stuff! I've been taking raw, unfiltered apple cider vinegar (diluted, of course) for several months now, and I'm convinced it helped me bring my blood sugar down in what my doctor called "phenomenal" time after I found out in September that I was diabetic. Love your suggestions! (And I agree, the older I get, the more high maintenance.)