Saturday, April 21, 2007

It's a Bird! It's a Plane!

...It's a what-is-that-thing-anyway?

Heh. Actually, this is one of my many "seek ye first" things.

Let me explain.

Way back in '94, God began doing such a huge "seek ye first" work in my heart. He kept whispering to come away with Him--first--for hours and hours and He promised me if I did, He'd take care of everything else, plus, 'all these things would be added unto me,' to boot. So I did and He did--take care of everything else, I mean. That was during a very specific season of my life, one I fondly call, The Coming Away Season.

During those days, I began noticing the oddest happenings... and that's where that weird item in the photo comes in. I remember thinking one afternoon, "Hmmm... I don't have any room in front of our windows inside the house to start seedlings in tiny pots. I need a portable greenhouse, one I can carry around outside and place in the sun during the earliest part of Spring and then tuck it away at night." I had a specific picture in my mind of a portable greenhouse, yet I said nothing about it to anyone.

Well, guess what? Three days later I was out in the backyard and Tom drove home from curb shopping (or for photos, here). And what did he pull out of the back of the car? Yep, this odd-looking little greenhouse thing, something probably from an old refrigerator maybe, who knows? All I knew is it was perfect and just what I'd imagined--and more. It even had adjustable air vents on each side and a convenient removable panel in the middle. Of course, I then told Tom it was exactly what I'd been wanting. He said he wasn't even sure why he brought it home.

And during that Coming Away Season, that sort of thing happened nearly each week. I even made "Presents from God" lists because it was all kinda, well, spooky. But nice.

And I'm glad I made a list and there's a reason I took this photo this morning. I'm going to release this little greenhouse before we move. In all my ruthlessness lately, the little greenhouse didn't make the cut and now I'll pass it along to someone else. But I took the photo to remind myself of all the many, many times God has surprised and blessed me, often through other people. Since those days, I see His thoughtfulness more clearly through the actions of others toward me--it's a whole awareness of what's really going on 'behind the scenes.'

Besides, I can't keep everything--God doesn't mean for me to keep (horde) every present from Him. But I would so hate to forget any of them.

"But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and His righteousness, and all these things will be added unto you." ... Matthew 6:33

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