Thursday, April 19, 2007

Spring--Dare We Dream?

Here are some peeks of my kitchen. Guess who has been painting like a wild woman lately? Well no, that's an exaggeration... When you try to follow Grace in your work, you are more peaceful and steady than wild. At least, that's what I've found.

It still amazes me that--with paint--you can create a sunny summer morning even during the greyest, most frigid April in 85 years. This month, I've stepped into our kitchen and in all the brightness, felt the promise that, yes, Spring will someday arrive if only I'll wait patiently. Technically, Spring will come even if I wait impatiently, groaning, but who wants to waste the days in between?

Yet this morning, finally, we awoke to clear skies and sun. Oh my, I needed the sun today. And even if we reach only 48 degrees, as long as we have sunlight, you will see me out on our front porch when you walk by. Probably in a warm sweater, but still, out there is where I'll sit, soaking up the outdoor brightness I have so missed, especially this long week.

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