Thursday, April 12, 2007

Refusing to Worry

Years ago we uncovered this small painting among some curb-find treasures. Tom and I studied it and nearly at the same moment had one thought, "This is where we'd like to someday live." It's old-fashioned, the type of place where you'd travel to visit your grandparents and in our book, it reads Just Right.

We've been online lately till we're bleary-eyed, peering at houses for sale around the Richmond area and have spied a few reminiscent of this painting house. The country feeling was there, anyway, though usually the extra commuting miles were there, too. I know me-- I'll worry if Tom must travel far to work every day.

But speaking of worry, already we're handling this upcoming move differently. If this is what God wants, then (we remind ourselves) everything will work out. We'll find the right house and eventually all areas will mesh .... the moving ... the selling of our house.... the buying of another one... the financial aspects... and the leaving of all we've known here. And so the different part is this: we're going to refuse to fret about any of those points. To worry about God's plan is, well, stupid. Unnecessary. A blatant sign of distrust, immaturity and forgetfulness of the myriad ways He's led us before.

We're too old for all that worry--it's as though we have energy for either worry or action--but certainly not both. After living nearly half a century we should already have noticed how things work... how God and Faith and Time work. After all this time--and all this living--He's expecting more maturity from us these later years... to whom much is given, much more will be required.

And now is a perfect time to require more of ourselves as well.

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