Sunday, April 22, 2007

More Sowing, More Reaping.

We had our carpet steam-cleaned yesterday, most of it, anyway, for the first time ever in this house. The men arrived around noon and Lennon went streaking back to the dark bedroom where Tom slept, having worked the graveyard shift Friday night. McCartney just hid under the bed in my Dream Room upstairs.

The younger man reminded me much of Naomi's boyfriend, the older man mostly spoke Spanish and both appeared friendly. The younger guy asked how old our carpet was and when I told him ten years he exclaimed, "Wow! You must take really good care of your carpet."

No. We. Do. Not.

I mean, we only sometimes remove our shoes and we don't ask our company to do so. At one time, while Naomi (Miss Lover of Cats) lived here, we had six cats (draw your own conclusions). No, our living room carpet is a high grade burbour kind which we probably got on special sale (knowing us like I do). So let this simply be a commercial touting high quality burbour carpet--it lasts and lasts and lasts...

Well, they completed the job in around an hour and it was a pleasant experience, especially that feeling which comes afterward knowing your carpets are clean. I gave the young man a check, along with my driver's licence, and if he'd have stated, "I mean this in the most respectful way, ma'am, but you look ever so much younger than your birth date implies," well, the carpet-cleaning experience would have been perfect. But alas, I'm still waiting for someone, anyone, to say that. ...heh...

Anyway, there was something I did which made me giddy all the rest of the day. Being shy and also an in-the-bone penny-pincher, I considered giving the workers a tip, but I wavered, then decided I'd already paid enough by way of the bill. Yet as they were folding up their cleaning equipment outside, I took a quick peak at the stair carpet and that of the Tower Room upstairs, noted they'd been cleaned quite well, then raced back downstairs, grabbed a fistful of dollar bills, and ran outside. I thanked them again, gave them the tip and they were very appreciative, sweet and surprised by it.

And well, that made my whole day.

I don't know why we think the object in Life is to get by with paying the least amount of money we can. Personally, I don't believe God desires us to just 'get by' in any area, but rather, to be generous, sowing into other peoples' lives, even the money which we'd have spent on ourselves once again. Tom and I loving giving tips, actually. Once we tipped the delivery man who'd, for months, picked up many of Tom's boxes for his Ebay sales and he said no one had given him a tip in something like 8 years... Oh my. Made me extremely sorry for all the times I've talked myself out of tipping people who come to the door.

We do go around only once upon this Earth and I believe that somehow--some way--it will matter in Heaven how much we gave to others here. True, not just in money matters! (You go talking about money and some people get all weird.)

But often I've seen this: if we can lose the fear of lack and, instead, freely give our money to bless others, we'll give more freely in other areas, too. Something happens, a bondage breaks, when we understand the concepts of giving before we can receive... and the giddy joy in the midst of it all improves--and makes sweeter--ones very life.

"Freely you have received, freely give." ... Matthew 10:8

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