Monday, April 16, 2007

It's hard knowing what to write after such a tragedy as the one at Virginia Tech today. Here is yet one more incident which has wounded our Country and anyone, anywhere, whose heart has not hardened toward such pain.

Always when these horrible things happen, people try to make sense of senselessness and usually grow more frustrated, angry and fearful. But I so do not want to walk that road.

No, I desire to remind myself that God is still God and He is still good. He's still the God of all comfort and the only one who can heal these kinds of wounds inflicted upon all of us. And it is certainly not God who has messed up, but people... and hindsight is always 100 percent...

I want to remember to live my life prepared to leave it in case it's suddenly required of me to do so... spending my days wisely, compassionately and with enough overflowing peace to spill over to others.

My prayers go out especially to those who've lost loved ones today at Virginia Tech--I can't even imagine losing a child or a spouse through such cruelty. And I pray for all the rest of us who are shell-shocked from witnessing yet another horrendous act which--even after all the talk and study and delving--will still remain not fully understood.

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