Friday, April 27, 2007

Of Birthdays And Replies

A special thanks to those of you who wished Tom a happy birthday! Yesterday was one of those magical days, not because of where we went or what we saw, but because there was just a coating of Grace and harmony on each hour. We went out to lunch over in the village of Niagara Falls and shopped for Tom's birthday gift from me (we do things differently around here) and for odds and ends.

In the evening, Naomi and Carl came over bearing gifts and dinner and dessert--what a sweetie pie our daughter has become. Though, she's always been a daddy's girl and that has always blessed my heart. Well, not counting the times she and Tom have allied against Naomi had cooked us two Indian dishes--our first taste of Indian food in our conscious memories--and very good chicken dishes they were. And you can see the cake, above, which she and Carl decorated so cutely that I just had to snap a picture.

Just one more thing... I'd asked our friends and relatives to send Tom emails on (or before) his birthday and he was very heart-blessed by each note. In fact, he did the oddest thing as I sat here and watched him. Now get this--after he read each email, he immediately clicked 'respond' and wrote back to each person. What a wild, amazing concept! Debra never does that.... No, she walks away and enjoys the note inside her head.... she mops the floor and cooks meals... she spends days writing extremely droll and witty replies in the air in front of her nose..... which means often, she ends up believing she did respond to the email when no! She certainly did not....

I think Tom just may be onto something there... I'll have to give that instantly responding thing a try someday.

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