Monday, April 09, 2007

My, How Things Change

In my younger, cute-little-homemaker years, I was quite the Hanna Hostess. I could whip-up a meal and scrub the whole house without breathing hard. Before our guests knocked at the door, Tom and I would be reclining, gazing over our newly-polished house and anticipating a happy time while the scent of a roast wafted into all peaceful corners.

But yesterday, there I was at 2:58 , just two minutes away from when Naomi and her boyfriend, Carl, were due to arrive for an early dinner.

I hadn't dyed the Easter eggs yet.
I was still galloping around in my old house clothes and stained apron.
I hadn't turned the heater up. Tom asked, "Why's it like ice in here?"
My hair wasn't even brushed.

My, my, my.... how things change.

And yet there was another change, too. When Naomi and Carl stepped through the door, they came bearing Easter gifts. Naomi and Carl carried two chocolate bunnies, two bottles of my favorite seltzer water, a lemon jello cake for Tom and even our grand-kitty, Oreo. And best of all, Naomi brought all the sweetness and pleasantness which is Naomi at her best and our whole visit was a delight. I felt absolutely no sense of we're-walking-on-egg-shells-here-so-watch-what-you-say. No one got offended and no one argued about politics. There was just laughter and one sweet, sincere visit.

And again... how things change.

I guess all I'm saying in this simple post is to remember this: what is true today, may not be true tomorrow. If there are grey clouds and snow and sadness forecasted for this day in your life--hold on!-- tomorrow everything may change to sun and gladness, pushing today into just a hazy memory.

There is always hope. Especially when you try to view Life through God's always-hopeful eyes.

And you'll never experience the incredible, hardly-imagined changes awaiting you unless you hang around long enough to bask in them.

Romans 15:13
Now the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, that you may abound in hope, through the power of the Holy Ghost.

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