Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Of Morning Light and Preparations

I love morning light... And I will miss this sun room. In our search for houses in Richmond online, I can't recall any with a sun room. And yet I'm noticing that pictures of houses taken in morning light all seem to call to me ("Buy me! Mornings are magical here!"). Early sun can make even the most derelict house appear lovely, to me, anyway. (Note to self: keep your head--picture each house on a cloudy day.) Oh well... I'm thinking that regular, normal windows looking out upon an actual view of gardens or lawns or trees will be a fair exchange. I can live with that.

The realtor is coming this Friday or Saturday to inspect our house and tell us what we should change... In the meantime I'm trying not to go the overwhelmed route, attempting to, in one week, make every corner perfect. I'm learning to just do what Grace leads me to, take a lot of breaks, and hope for the best.

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