Sunday, April 15, 2007

That 'Opposites Attracting' Thing

(This is so not an exhaustive study about this subject. It's way too early on a Sunday morning to be exhaustive about anything in Life.)

And so there I was yesterday, kicking back with Tom in our Cozy Room, eating McDonalds and watching yet another Red Green dvd. Which is pretty much how Friday went, too. Two major, major days of rest in a row.... and we have five more looming ahead.

Oh, we did drive another load of junk to Salvation Army and I grocery-shopped and vacuumed and placed our curb-find Ralph Lauren chair in the sunroom so our living room would appear larger to potential buyers. And we did search for those houses online which I showed you yesterday... and I washed the dishes and straightened the house and went out to lunch with my friend, Laura, on Friday and we visited with Naomi that afternoon, too.

But still. Mostly, these past two days have been lazy-daisy in style. And yes! We all need restful times. Yet lately, Tom and I are having a plethora of lazy days, especially when you consider the huge move we'll be (hopefully) making soon.

And so here's what popped into my zombied head yesterday there in the Cozy Room: "Aha! More than ever I totally get why God made opposites attract."

I mean, otherwise, if Type A personalities married other Type A's, it would be race after, race after, race after... Both would (intensely) go after goals and promotions and the best houses or cars. And/or they'd both be determined to raise the brightest, most successful kids and to have the best and be the best in relationships and in the community or church or wherever--and experiencing burn-out every seven minutes...


... if both were laid-back, que sera sera, la-de-da types (like Tom and me these past two days), the house could crumble, their bodies and finances and kids could crumble, and they'd only break a sweat and deal with their self-imposed, neglect-caused messes when they became too gigantic to ignore.

And okay, yes... I've written both examples to the extreme. But that's my whole point.

If Tom and I weren't opposite enough to keep one another balanced, then we'd experience what this verse speaks of:

"Be well balanced (temperate, sober of mind), be vigilant and cautious at all times; for that enemy of yours, the devil, roams around like a lion roaring, seeking someone to seize upon and devour." 1 Peter 5:8 (Amplified)

I'm the penny-pinching-homebody in our family and often it's occurred to me that, if it weren't for Tom, we'd probably have almost no furniture, a limping old car and no memories of the vacations we wouldn't have taken. But if not for me, our house would be so crammed with furniture we couldn't walk, we'd have a driveway lined with cars and we'd have probably lived in 5 other states by now.

In our marriage, Tom and I are just opposite enough to keep one another balanced. We're just opposite enough to keep it interesting, indeed. And, again, balanced to the point of wisdom.

And oh, for some balance--some good old-fashioned being opposite--over this long weekend!

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