Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentine's Day!

So it's my favorite day of the year and there I was in our back entryway slinging on my long back wool coat over my nightgown and robe at 5:30 a.m. And while Tom ate his oatmeal in the Cozy Room and watched snowy scenes on the news, I slipped on my gloves and a knitted hat and burst out into the 10 degree F. darkness and shoveled two long lines through 8 inches of heavy snow so Tom could get out of the driveway and drive down snowy roads to work.

And you'd think I'd dread shoveling snow, the kind which comes down wet and settles like concrete, but I don't. Not really. During winter I cannot take my daily walks so shoveling is amazing exercise (I would look like a balloon each winter without it). No, I don't mind and I'd rather be the shoveler in our family because Tom has that bum leg and slips in snow, but more, he is the bread-winner, the bringer-home of money, and I am his partner. I keep things on the homefront calm and clean. That is my job, one of my parts in this partnership.

Well, when I'd shoveled just enough for him to get out of the driveway (I'll finish the rest in little increments throughout the day), I removed all my winter paraphernalia and collapsed in my chair next to Tom's in the Cozy Room and saw all the school cancellations on the news. If there is a single school open today in our half of the whole state of New York, I am unaware of it. They are all closed.

And at first I thought I could hear all the cheers of children, but then I thought, oh no! It's Valentine's Day and what about all the classroom parties? And I could only hope that they were held yesterday instead--they certainly had warnings--there's been so much hype about this snowstorm for days that you'd think Buffalo had never, ever seen snow before, according to the weathermen's excitement.

But still it's Valentine's Day and I have that heart glow, even though Tom, an hour ago, drove to work and will be gone for 12 hours. Still the warmth and delight are here while I think about all the Valentines I mailed to friends, more than I'd ever mailed before... and I'll think about all those smiles which came because of them. I'll recall, too, how Naomi called at 7:00 this morning to ask if I wanted help shoveling snow... and all of you who are never far from me--how I take you with me wherever I go (or don't go, as in, when I stay home).

I'll shovel snow all day and drink my pretend coffee all day, too, and be happy and feel loved because God is here and He's given me this 28-year-long partnership with my husband, one which grows better and closer as the years sail by... and they are sailing by so very, very fast.

Happy Valentine's Day to all my friends who drink coffee or tea and chat with me in Blogland!

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