Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Magic Everywhere

Yesterday morning while shopping at our town's 'new' (2 years old) supermarket, I had a few serendipity moments. Usually music wafts through the aisles, but none played yesterday and the air felt pretty quiet (perhaps the sound system froze--we are so cold here lately!).

So anyway, there I was in the dairy section when a worker in the next aisle began whistling, loudly, for all to hear. What did he whistle? The theme song from Leave It To Beaver.

I loved it. There I was, Mrs.-Cleaver-Wanna-Be, pushing my cart down the aisle to that jaunty Leave It To Beaver tune. And giggling.

But there was more! After that, he whistled (very well and I liked the echo-ey sound) the theme song from the old, I Dream of Jeannie tv series, followed by the song from My Three Sons.

Lovely. Fun.

And just right for me, Mrs. Retro Homemaker on that frigid morning of sub-zero wind temperatures. Later I even made it halfway out to my car still feeling warmed and delighted by the magic of the whistling on a regular ol' Tuesday morning (and then I froze).

I know someone in our town who tries never to shop at that supermarket because each time, something happens which leaves her feeling all sour and hating our store. She walks in expecting something to go wrong and--always--it does.

But when I go there, I walk through the doors expecting to be blessed and surprised by a delight. Such as last week: The checker had scanned all my groceries, placed them in bags, then she brought out the sales' flyer from hidden depths beneath, tore out the $5 off $50 worth of groceries coupon, and saved me $5 by scanning it. With wide eyes I thanked her (I hadn't looked at that sales flyer at home. Hadn't spied the coupon.) and she simply said, "I don't do that for just anyone."

Now, do I know her from outside the store? No. Have we ever had a meaningful conversation inside the store? Not really. I just sometimes use her check-out lane when I shop there, I try always to smile and once in a great while we chat a little, though truthfully, she kinda intimidates me because she often appears a tad grouchy. But there you go. Lesson learned. Stop judging people, Debra, by the way they appear!

...and keep on expecting miracles and blessings wherever you go, even on the most normal of winter mornings.

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Vee said...

I loved this! And I loved the post that sent me here about working at a slower, but steady pace. Delightful reading! I am bookmarking your blog or subscribing.