Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Speaking of Valentines' Day (Yes, Again...)

Today I felt ten-years-old again.

You should have seen me at my desk in front of my sunny Dream Room windows. There I was with my first batch of Valentines, complete with their pink polka-dot envelopes spread all over. I sat there with paper doilies and stickers and penned little messages on the backs of the cards then used my heart-shaped punch to make confetti from some Valentine bags I bought years ago, all of this while my classical music played, the cats napped on the bed behind me, and like I said, while the sun shone and I felt like 10 and in the fourth grade all over again.

You know, there was that feeling that you're making little surprises for your friends, ones which will bring smiles to their faces and hearts, as well as to your own face and heart, too, when the big day arrives.

I love Valentines' Day. Dare I ... am I bold enough to tell you it's my favorite holiday? (I guess I am, since I did just tell you.)

I feel sorry for the people who hate that day. Really, they miss out on this delightful feeling of being a rampantly-creative child... and of sharing a bit of yourself with others just because you want to. I feel bad for those who hate Valentines' Day because already they know their husband or boyfriend will not give them a gift or card for a myriad of reasons--out of being clueless or forgetful or out of rebellion of being made to show ones love on February 14th.

Does Tom always remember to do something for me each Valentines' Day? Nope... it's rather a hit-or-miss thing with him. So am I dreading and hating the thought of next Wednesday? Are you kidding? The foundation of our marriage is so not built on whether Tom gives me a card, or not. (Generally you don't stay married 28 years if it is based on that.) No actually, I'm excited that February 14th is next week... thrilled that, for this pretty red-and-pink-heart holiday, I can send cute little cards with pink, Love-stamped envelopes through the mail and not be thought weird or childish or lame.

And for those who say they hate Valentines' Day for the sake of their friends or co-workers who are single or widowed or just alone, well, I would say--do something about it! Be the first person to show those people love on the one day they previously dreaded. Give them a card or candy or flowers and let this become, instead, a day they will remember because you took the time to make it special... because you cared enough to show others they are not alone at all.

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