Tuesday, February 13, 2007

How Many Remotes Does It Take To Watch TV?

While I'm waiting for the laundry to finish spinning (and also while waiting for this next huge snowstorm to strike) I thought I'd tell you something I've been meaning to say...

Currently, for Tom and I to watch tv, it takes using 5 tv remote controls.

Five. (Or is it 6?)

Now, I'm not even certain I can explain just why that is, but as of a month ago, he put together this set-up in our Cozy Room using a flat-screen computer screen and a little tower thing beside it, then some kind of machine below those (a tuner?) and the dvd player beneath those and the vcr beneath that and I think there's another machine below that. I'm not sure. I am the most un-technically minded person you will ever meet.

So, to avoid spending real money on a flat screen tv and cable or satellite (etc., etc.) we are now required to use 5 (6?) tv remotes just to watch a tv show. Or a dvd movie. Or one on video. (Try keeping track of--and not losing--6 remote controls!)

I think I need a college degree in computers--otherwise I may never be able to watch LOST again. Or 24. Or anything.

You should see me. After a month, I still don't get it. I still have no clue, really, what I'm doing. No, I just grab a remote and press buttons until something happens which looks right. And if nothing right or good happens, then I grab the next remote... and the next one.... and the next one. I just sort of feel my way through, like a ship out amongst a few icebergs.

The first morning Tom went to work and left the whole tv set-up on, I panicked. I told myself, "Oh no! I'll have to leave all those machines on all day long. I can't remember how to turn them off!"

Oh well. Like I told Tom the other night, if there's one good thing about this set-up where you can never just mindlessly push a few remote buttons, it's that it could very well keep our brains from atrophying. And at our age, that's a good thing.

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