Tuesday, January 03, 2006

You Might Be Watching Too Much C.S.I. If...

Okay, so Tom and I have been watching a lot of the different C.S.I. tv series (plural) lately. I blatantly blame that on Saija and Anvilcloud since I'd never even heard of these shows till they recommended them to me in my comment box. Thanks, guys. Yeah, thanks a lot.

Our addiction began innocently... We watched a couple episodes of C.S.I. then we branched out to C.S.I. Miami and before we knew what was happening, we were glued to C.S.I. New York and N.C.I.S., too. (Let's not even mention the other shows like Numbers, Without A Trace,etc.) In one month I went from saying There's Nothing Good on TV Anymore to saying, instead, "Tom, we really have got to stop watching so much TV!"

And then, as if that wasn't enough, we stopped watching movies on dvd's and instead, we began begging, borrowing or stealing (well, no...not stealing) any of the dvd's of these C.S.I.-type shows we'd been missing all these years.

Hi, My name is Debra.
(Hi Debra.)
I am addicted to anything remotely resembling C.S.I.

In fact, I made up a little C.S.I. test--I created it to help other addicts like myself who may not know for certain they are addicted. This might just help you admit you may have a problem, and like Dr. Phil always rants, er, says, "You cannot change what you do not acknowlege."

You May Be Watching Too Much C.S.I. if....

... you look down at your clothes and see cat hair and then you think, "I'd better not be found dead soon. The C.S.I. people would think I'd been murdered by my own cat."

... you're out walking or shopping and you see a little something out of the ordinary so you immediately take mental notes of the area in case you must later testify in court concerning the impending crime.

... you no longer have to turn your head during the bloody autopsies on these shows. You actually find the autopsies quite interesting now.

... you look at Grissom or Catherine or Sara or Nick (or Mac or Stella or Danny) and you think, "Hmmm... these people are beginning to feel like my family."

...you understand perfectly terms like, "the vic.," "the d.b.," "g.s.r.," "VICAP," "I.D.'d him," "ran his plates."

...you see the fingerprints you leave on Scotch tape and you think, "Too bad I didn't commit a crime--those are some great prints." Ditto for the lipstick marks you leave on a glass of water.

...you walk into a large public building and you think, "If someone were to start shooting this place up, where would be a good place for me to hide?"

...you and your spouse keep score as to who most often and most quickly guesses the identity of the murderer (or 'who done it').

Did you nod 'yes' to any of those statements? The C.S.I. Watchers Anonymous meetings will begin soon. Check back later for times and dates.

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