Saturday, January 07, 2006

The Lists We Make

January is always a good month to talk about lists. In my last post I mentioned the list you could always find me keeping years ago, the Everything Going Wrong In My Life List.

It came to me this week that, really, I must have gotten away from keeping that list because here in my blog I haven't even told you what kind of a week I've had. You probably thought everything has just been ducky fine at Debra's house, right?

Well, no. For starters, Tom came home from work on Tuesday night with the stomach flu. Poor guy--I asked him if he wanted anything for dinner and when I showed him a can of peaches, he went running into the bathroom and, well, let's draw the curtain closed as to what happened after that.

So then I asked him if he wanted me to run to the convenience store for some ginger ale. He did, so I got in the car and drove down there in the dark. Well, A.) I try to avoid driving in the dark at all costs and for the sake of all mankind... I just can't see as well as I used to, and B.) This same convenience store was robbed in November, right about at the same time of the evening as when I would be there. But hey... for better or for worse, in sickness and health and all that good stuff which makes you do crazy things....(and speaking of crazy things, for two days I tried not to inhale when I was around, I so do not want that horrible stomach flu!).

Well, of course the ATM there was out of order, and of course I had only three dollars with me so I couldn't pick up anything else I needed--that would have been just too, too convenient. So later, there I was standing in line at the same convenience store where I'd been telling Tom I didn't want him to go after dark anymore, and of course I'm there using all my newly acquired C.S.I. skills (being a C.S.I. tv show addict), memorizing who was standing next to me in case I'd later have to identify the robber from the mug shots they'd show me in my hospital bed.

Heh. But miracles of miracles, I made it home safely with not one, but two bottles of ginger ale (so I wouldn't have to risk my life and go back later for more).

Well, next morning Tom called in sick to work because he hadn't been able to sleep and still felt sick. Then in the afternoon, he had to keep his pre-arranged doctor appointment where they told him that, yes, he would for sure have to have surgery on his arm a week from Friday.

What? Yes, that's another thing which shows me I no longer concentrate on the Everything Which Is Going Wrong In My Life List.... I didn't even tell you that back in December Tom slipped down our front stairs and hurt his shoulder. A.) He should never have been anywhere even near those front stairs because they had snow on them and B.) At first he tried to blame this on me because I had locked our back storm door and the paper boy (don't you get a weird picture in your head when people say "paper boy"?) hadn't been able to leave the newspaper plastered to our back door. And well, it was the newspaper Tom was trying to retrieve from our front mailbox (where the paper boy puts it when Debra forgets to unlock the storm door). And there's a C.) too--- I hadn't put the white chain across our front steps yet (to keep people off them and so I won't have to shovel them, either, being the lazy slob which I am), even though we'd had snow two whole times. (But did I mention that our driveway was perfectly dry and Tom could have easily just walked that way to the mailbox to get the newspaper?)

Argh... Well, there are more gorey details to that Front Steps Disaster Story, but what it amounts to is that Tom will have surgery on his arm next Friday and will miss 3 - 4 weeks of work. And of course, he will have to keep his left arm immobile all that time and guess who is left-handed? And then guess who will have to put her life on hold for those 3 to 4 weeks?

Yet.... guess who doesn't really mind at all? I mean, why else am I here? No, don't jump on that--I'm not here in this life only to wait on and serve my husband... but that is part of why I am here on this earth. That, and because yes, it's all about 'from this day forward'.... 'in sickness and in health'.... And that's okay with me because when you're in love, even after 27 long, crazy years, you do what you have to.

And if you're smart, you just list your blessings, namely, that you still have your love with you, even though he's a little worse for the wear.

P.S. ...Oh! How could I forget? Also this week, our bathtub drain was completely clogged for three days. So yesterday Tom spent 2 hours in the basement unclogging the drain. But hooray, the whole pipe is now clog-free and we can now shower again-woo-hoo!

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