Monday, January 16, 2006

What You Might Miss At The Supermarket

Over the last two days I've made sure Tom was resting comfortably in the recliner and had every little thing he could possibly need, and then I have rushed out to supermarkets or convenience stores. Quickly, I've walked up and down the aisles to find the apples or frozen meals, and especially, the bagged ice for Tom's little ice machine-thing (which I'd never searched for before in any store, so this has been rough. In case you ever need bagged ice, check first in the darkest, farthest corner of any food store--the ice will probably be there).

Anyway, I've gone zipping down those aisles, keeping in mind that Tom is at home in that chair, unable to get up and move around by himself, at least, it isn't wise for him to do that at this moment after having the surgery on his arm on Friday and often being light-headed from the meds and sitting for such long stretches. His shoulder has been in pain and he's often had trouble getting comfortable in the recliner. And well, there's everything else which goes with all this.

But while I am racing down those supermarket aisles I am also reminding myself that at any given time on any day of the year there are always, always people in these same stores who are going through similar situations--or worse ones. I think it was Jack Webb on Dragnet who used to say something like, "There are a million different stories in the city," and often I think there are a million different stories belonging to the people who must run down to the supermarket for groceries. And there are a million kind of hurts which people can have on any given day and a million cares for a million tired caretakers of ones they love.

Who knows where it all ends?

But it's at times like these in my life when I remember all this... and when I promise myself that in future days I will take the time to look around me while I shop--really look around me--at the people next to me and down the aisle... look to see if I can read anxious or worried looks upon their faces. And better yet, I can ask God to show me specific people for whom I should whisper prayers right there, right then, before I go on my own way and forget.

Who knows what good may come from doing that? Only God knows for certain.

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