Saturday, October 02, 2010

Learn Your Lessons Well

Yesterday Tom and I rode through autumnal glory on the verge of entering its height. Wow, sun and blue skies and fingertips of trees just beginning to burn into reds and golds. I do love Western New York.

We even 'had lunch with great-grandpa' which is what we call it when we pick up lunch and have a car picnic here:

Tom's ggggg-grandfather was buried out there around 1829. It still blows our minds that we 'just happened to' move here from 3,000 miles away and poof! There was great-grandpa. Anyway, the car picnic was amazing, what with sunshine, blue skies and dollar menu food, coffee and my boffo library book, Nothing With Strings. And each other.

Then later while we drove along, I remembered all the years, at least 15 (but in some ways, 30) which God spent preparing us for this time of unemployment. He is so good! Always, He tries to prepare all of us for what lies in the road ahead. Always, He's standing there like a teacher walking the aisles between desks, handing-out assignment papers.

What matters most, though, is that we take what He hands us. That we learn from those lessons.

That's our choice. Always, we can choose to goof-off, cut class and play in the park, instead, if we wish. God never forces us to sit in class.

So anyway, now it feels like Tom and I are finally at the job which our God School prepared us for. All those years of lessons! Spiritual lessons and practical, financial, emotional ones.

Finally we've begun our new job, the one for which God spent tons of His time readying us and training us.

I'm thinking that's why we're not struggling with unemployment, but instead, enjoying it. We've waited a long time for this, we feel prepared--so we'd better not blow all that training.



Tracy said...

How wonderful, Debra! :)

Donetta said...

Every one can use a time of rest.

Anonymous said...

My husband retired earlier than we planned due to sudden health issues. I never thought I would enjoy retirement as I had so loved my time at home Alone during the day. It took some adjusting and talking but we are now at a place where I would not go back to him working.Now I still would cherish several hours at one sitting to actually get into cleaning out a closet or such and not be disturbed or be able to mess up the house a lot and have time to put it right again..alone. Yet things are working and the time to be together is fantiastic. We wear our Play Cothes as we call our at home clothes now. We feel like kids on Saturday! Enjoy and embrace your time together. We, like you, were frugal and so that helped the transition and things are going Very Well! :) Sarah

Terri aka Penny Ann said...

Until this moment I seriously thought I was the only person who enjoyed car picnics in a cemetary! I thought maybe it was just me being weirdly Southern (which we Southerners ARE). I enjoy the beauty, the shade, the peacefulness of it all and find it's a wonderful spot to get away and contemplate things.