Saturday, October 16, 2010

Time For New Dreams

Nearly all the dreams I've had since my teen years have come true.

Wow! I realized that yesterday.

There's my relationship with God. And the amazing husband He gave me. My beautiful, kind-hearted daughter. This farm and the old farmhouse to go with it. Many dear friends. A custom-made ministry from my home (this blog). I've traveled places. Been across Country by train. My home is filled with old furniture. I live in a gorgeous, old-fashioned area. God's made me more bold, less shy, less afraid. I have peace. I love my life.

I'd say 98 percent of my God-given dreams have come true, the desires of my heart He placed there. (That final two percent concerns prayers for salvation and godly-living I have for certain people for whom I'm praying.)

I've had other dreams, of course-- bright, world-changing ideas from my own head and most of those haven't happened. Thank-goodness! I want only God's ideas, not mine, for mine usually get me into trouble.

God's ideas, His dreams, usually happen. They get created. That is, when I'm careful to cooperate and do things His way. (Ah, there's the rub.)

So anyway. Yesterday God told me, "It's time to pick some new dreams!"

Wow. That's exciting! A whole new list of goals and desires and wants to be made. A brand new list born of listening to God's plans and dreams to dream and work and fulfil through me, His creation.

I can hardly wait to hear about the ideas which will keep me busy to the end of my days. There's much listening ahead for me.


Dreams and goals give us something at which to aim. Aim at nothing and that's what we will hit. Nothing.


"Dream when you're feelin' blue..." ... copied


Unknown said...

I am so happy for you at this point in time Debra. It's really all about priorities and keeping God first in everything, which isn't necessarily easy in the world we live in but we have stay focused and He will do the rest. I guess most of my dreams at this time involve my grandsons and their development. I want them to have what I have in God. Hope this is the start to a perfect weekend for you and Tom. Enjoy.

Tracy said...

How wonderful & exciting! I do hope you will share yopur new dreams and goals as God reveals them to you. :)