Thursday, October 14, 2010

Of Fear.

Fear spoils everything.

God still sends me reminders of that lesson.

If every time Naomi drives away I'm afraid until she returns home that something bad will happen to her, then hours are ruined and wasted by my worry. My health suffers as well.

If I fear God (the wrong way) then I'll never love Him passionately back (as He loves me) and my whole life will be poorer--in all ways. Lonelier, too, without His close, constant friendship.

If I'm afraid Tom is tired of me then I'll board-up my heart so not to be hurt in case he tells me that someday. My actions will become guarded. Harsh. And living with a boarded-up heart is a lonely, fearful, paralyzing way to live.

If I fear what people can do to me, I'll never trust anyone, never look anyone in the eye, never love people as God asks me to do.

If I fear losing my stuff (or money), I'll hold it too tightly and never share it. I'll be selfish, the opposite of everything godly.

Fear stops me from sowing anything and so I'll not reap anything, either.

And the list goes on for eternity...

Again, fear ruins everything. And in layers over years and through object lessons galore, God continues to teach me that.

And oh, those lessons are priceless. Cartwheel-turning freeing. And so very appreciated.


Job 3:25
For the thing which I greatly feared is come upon me, and that which I was afraid of is come unto me.


The above photo is our current style of dream house. These houses are everywhere in Western New York and this one stands in our very own town. We always slow way, way down whenever we drive past that house. :)


“The key to change... is to let go of fear.”
... Rosanne Cash


Everly Pleasant wrote a lovely companion post here.


A definition of worry: "To torment oneself with disturbing thoughts." ... copied


Unknown said...

I really can't express how much I value the words on your blog Debra. There is so much wisdom in your posts and I will try to share it with others. That is a beautiful home with a great garage. Nice to have dreams and no fear.

Storybook Woods said...

Oh fear, akk, one can not be in God's will and fear at the same time, yet we (ME) let fear controle soo much. This is one of the subs I tried to write about in Wren xoxo Clarice

Pearl said...

I like your post I really needed to hear it again. The house is just the cutest! Hugs, Pearl

Anonymous said...

Great post, Debra. I like the house, too. Some houses just call your name. Joyce