Sunday, October 03, 2010

Smiling Because It Happened

It's a happy day inside the land of my heart when I discover quotes like this one:

"Do not cry because it is over,
Smile because it happened." ... Dr. Seuss

(A special thanks to Everly for posting that.)

During the month before Tom was laid-off, I kept hearing whispers inside my head (uh-oh!). We'd arrive home from special out-and-about country hours and my brain would say, "Whatever happens down the road, you'll always have had this day."

"Whatever is coming ahead, you had thousands of days like this one. Hours and hours at yard sales and classic car shows and outdoor festivals. Meals shared with friends. Picnics and backyard parties and vacations."

Tom and I have known so many glorious days together, that, if we had to, we could pull joy from them the rest of our lives. Such was the comfort of those whispers.

I believe that's partly why unemployment hasn't frightened me--it cannot snatch away my life's most valuable things.

If we must cut back in some areas, all I will do is select some incredible memories, say, of golden autumn days sailing along in our car beside the man I love, gazing out over farmland spreading outward forever. And there before our home window, wherever that home and that window may be, I will run those memories before my eyes and I will be content.

But of course, I realize this is not the end of such things. Not yet. Just a time of tweaking, of making certain changes. But if a huge change arrives someday--hopefully--you will not hear me crying for what is over, but rather, you'll see me smiling that it happened at all, even a very long time before.

Did you notice that top photo? That lion water fountain stands beside one of our favorite country diners. (Sticking your head inside the lion's mouth--get it?) :) That diner is in a woodsy, quiet spot beside the Erie Canal and here are some others of its old-fashioned character delights:

(Enlarge to see Micky and Donald.)


A few more photos from our country drive yesterday:


Tracy said...

So beautiful and inspiring, Debra! Your attitude and faith is encouraging to me. :)

Donetta said...

Taming that lion makes it safe when you have found your head in the mouth.
Tamed by the attitudes and perspectives that remove the rore
of the present trial.