Saturday, October 23, 2010

Yard Sale Adventures

For ever so long I've wanted a rug with certain autumnal colors and today we found one. And for just $10. Well, it was originally $15 but good ol' Tom asked if they'd take 10.

Wow. It's a huge rug and fits perfectly in our dining room and now I'll have autumn in there even on the snowiest of days. (Our old rug was well, old. Too small. Stained. It 'had had it', as my mother would say.)

(Looks like we're living in the 1920's, doesn't it?) :)

And see the rooster, below?

He was free at a table across the street from the yard sale where I also found this:

There I was holding this sketch and staring at this girl's face and the owner, a woman, came up behind me and asked, "Do you like that?" I replied, "Yes, it's lovely." Then she said, "You can take that."

Wow! I thanked her and she went on to tell me and her friend beside us that she'd bought that sketch at a gathering of Buffalo artists in the 1960's because she found the girl's face beguiling.

I find it beguiling, too. And now I keep her sketch below one of Naomi, one created by her art teacher in high school:

Then last week I bought these two scarves at a sale for just 25 cents each, entwined them, then placed them amongst these dishes.

And lastly, here's the tin which a man gave to me at a yard sale last week, the tin and it's assorted contents.

And ok, it's scratched and has no lid, but hey! It looks nice in my kitchen and it was a gift. From the yard sale man? Well, yes. But mostly I see the tin, the sketch and the rooster, the scarves and the $10 rug as gifts from a God who is taking very, very good care of us. As He always has and always will.


Tracy said...

The rug looks perfect in your 1920s dining room! :)

Thickethouse.wordpress said...

Oh, my! This rug is perfect. It makes your dining room feel so cozy as well as elegant and warm and autumnal. You are right. God is taking very good care of you and Tom!

Anonymous said...

LOVE the rug.

Cindy Swanson said...

Oh yes, I love the rug and all the other yard sale finds. Your home is so lovely and inviting!

Pearl said...

The rug is perfect for your room and is lovely. What great finds you received. Love the scarves and how you puddled them I like that look. The artist sketch is so cool. You always find the best stuff, have fun!

Donetta said...

so fun to be a child of a king
it's a princess thing ")

Pat said...

"If God is for you who can be against you?". You certanly have given a beautiful example of this in this post today!
The rug looks perfect, and all of your finds are amazing!
I think I need to trail along behind you at your garage sales!

Elizabeth said...

love it!