Thursday, October 21, 2010

Hanging Around Niagara Falls

Oh my, but we had a nice time yesterday at Niagara Falls with Darcy and Johanna!

It was soooo windy! (Or invigorating as I chose to call it.)

But oh dear, it all went by so very, very fast...... Thanks for coming to see us, Ladies!


And just for fun, tomorrow there will be an estate sale in the Southern Tier where they have this lovely old-fashioned barn:

Amazing, huh?


Pearl said...

It looks lovely with all the fall colors and water. I'm glad you had fun Debra with your friends it's always fun to catch up. Hugs, Pearl

Donetta said...

oh that is the coolest barn!
how beautiful a place to visit
invigorating is the perfect word for it.