Friday, October 22, 2010

Of Amazing Normal

Oh, amazing yesterday.

I made breakfast for us and our visiting friends then they left early, around 8:30 for NYC hundreds of miles across our state.

I straightened the kitchen, put dishes into the sink to soak and then Tom and I watched an old episode of American Pickers (since the History Channel had neglected to put up the new one) and sat there eating leftover cherry pie.

The sun burst out from behind the clouds and I stripped the beds, did laundry and made a quick lunch for Tom since he had mega errands to run and would not return until near 5 p.m.

So he drove away and I hung blue sheets, shirts and damask dinner napkins outside to dry in a sunny, windy 48 degrees and came in and warmed-up leftovers and began watching a movie online called Neverwas, then paused it probably ten times while I sat-up the ironing board, retrieved the iron from the pie cabinet and then carried in some nearly-dry shirts and napkins.

Then I ironed and ironed and watched Neverwas (and felt sad about Brittany Murphy), did more laundry, hung more sheets then watched the movie, ironed, folded. I felt like June Cleaver. A lot.

And during a few moments of Dr. Oz, I learned that cranberry juice is better for you, more potent, even, than green tea. Oh, the happiness of that news since feeling bad about not liking green tea at all was a bummer. Hooray!

The autumnally-glorious trip to Niagara Falls on Wednesday was oh-so-fun and spending time with our long lost friends? Glorious. 

Yet you know? My yesterday, my normal ol' Thursday, was equally amazing. Don't you love it when your Normal Days are just as special as your Special Days?

It's possible, you know. Sometimes it just takes a few years to get there. Trust me, I know.



Deb said...

Hi! I linked to you via my friend Pat (Living on Grace) and have enjoyed browzing through your blog posts! Have a blessed day...praying for lots more enjoyable "normal" for you! off to check out Netflix for the movie recommendation you made! :)

Elizabeth said...

Yes,Debra i also love those normal kind of days.I am praying that i can soon return to those myself.

Pat said...

It makes me smile just to read about a normal day. Those are my favorite of all days!
Don't you love the way the hot iron makes the fabric smell as it touches it? Another normal day favorite of mine!

Judy said...

I am soooo happy to know that I am not the only one who doesn't like green tea.

And, I love normal days.

Anonymous said...

Just lovely Debra-normal days. Nothing like the scent of laundry from the line and just ironed clothes. The Niagara Falls photos are so amazing. Joyce